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International IST Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme

Final Report Summary - ISTFELLOW (International IST Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme)

The ISTFELLOW postdoctoral fellowship program aims to provide exceptional postdoctoral fellows with the opportunity to carry out independent research proposals in an interdisciplinary environment focused on scientific excellence. The program’s first call for applications was in September 2012 and the final call for applications was in March 2015.

ISTFELLOW was open to qualified applicants from all over the world and was intended for postdocs interested in the areas that are represented by the faculty at IST Austria. At all times, in keeping with the spirit of the Institute, ISTFELLOW gave preference to scientists who have a strong interest in cross-disciplinary approaches.

During the course of their fellowships, ISTFELLOWS benefited from excellent working conditions including competitive salaries, generous research and travel budgets, and opportunities for career development and training.

ISTFELLOWS were sought through advertising in top scientific journals and via the promotion of the program by the institute’s worldwide network of contacts in the scientific community. ISTFELLOWS were selected by an interdisciplinary committee consisting of IST Austria faculty members and external experts whose primary focus was offering fellowships based upon scientific excellence and interdisciplinary research.

Over the course of the ISTFELLOW program, IST Austria has employed a total of 47postdoctoral fellows representing theoretical and experimental research in numerous fields and is dedicated to providing fellows with the resources needed to conduct cutting-edge basic research in their respective fields.

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