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Efficient Cryptographic Arguments and Proofs

Final Report Summary - ECAP (Efficient Cryptographic Arguments and Proofs)

A zero-knowledge proof enables a prover to demonstrate to a verifier that a claim is true, yet crucially reveals no confidential or private information. This means that they enable trust-building with no negative effects, you get assurance for free.

In ECAP we have developed several new paradigms for constructing zero-knowledge proofs. As a result, we have obtained zero-knowledge proofs that are much more efficient to compute for the prover, much more efficient to check for the verifier, and require very little communication. Our theoretical work shows in several cases that our constructions are provably optimal.

Our practical work has yielded several highly efficient and applicable zero-knowledge proofs. There is already at this early stage widespread adoption of our techniques, in particular by companies in the blockchain space.