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Comparing and Analyzing Collections of Surfaces

Final Report Summary - SURFCOMP (Comparing and Analyzing Collections of Surfaces)

This project deals with surfaces. Surfaces are outer shells of solids in three dimensional space. For example: our body shape, internal organs, man made objects and fossils are all surfaces. This project developed algorithms for comparing surfaces. For example, given two bones - can we quantify how similar/dissimilar the two bones mathematically? Can we give a number summarizing their difference? For example, comparing two numbers, x and y, can be done by calculating |x-y|. We developed algorithms that quantify similarity/dissimilarity of surfaces similar to comparison of numbers. Why this is useful? Researchers can use these algorithms to compare scanned 3D surfaces they acquire such as bones, organs or fossils, or use it to analyze shapes in collection of surfaces, or finding correspondences between surfaces for attribute transfer, morphing, animation, or parameterization.