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Enhancing the capacity for Environmental Technology and Climate Research


EnTeC aspires to enhance the R&D potential of the Institute of Nuclear & Radiological Sciences & Technology, Energy & Safety (INRaSTES) of NCSRD, Greece, by establishing a research infrastructure for Environmental Technology and Climate Research in the field of atmospheric pollution and climate change assessment of the Southeast European region.
The institute has achieved significant progress and growth but needs further support to evolve to a major R&D centre on Integrated New Environmental Technologies and Climate Research. The proposal builds on a focused Action Plan, directly aiming at strengthening the research capacity of INRaSTES for advancing its participation in environmental/climate related research activities at European, National and Regional level. Major objectives are:
- Upgrade of the existing research infrastructure (recruitment of high level scientific personnel, modernization / acquisition of equipment)
- Strategic partnership between INRaSTES and renowned research entities in the field of atmospheric and climate research in the ERA.
- Outreaching of the INRaSTES scientific achievements / capacities to increase visibility of the work and expanding R&D collaborations;
- Pursuit of long-term self-sustainability to ensure financial support for the whole spectrum of the proposed R&D activities beyond EnTec.
The lack of high-resolution, long-term climate data records causes a severe uncertainty about the long term effects of air pollution and establishment of global climate change effects in regional scales. Southeast Europe and the Mediterranean are areas where regional climate change is more intense and diverse than elsewhere in Europe. The foreseen EnTeC activities aim at combining complementary expertise in areas such as field measurements (monitoring/sampling of key climatic active species and parameters), analytical laboratory techniques, advanced modeling tools for climate research and cross-cutting issues of mitigation/adaptation to climate change impacts.

Field of science

  • /natural sciences/earth and related environmental sciences/environmental sciences/pollution
  • /engineering and technology/environmental engineering/air pollution engineering
  • /natural sciences/earth and related environmental sciences/atmospheric sciences/climatology/climatic changes

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End Of Patriarchou Grigoriou E And 27 Neapoleos Street
15341 Agia Paraskevi
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Research Organisations
EU contribution
€ 2 735 973
Administrative Contact
Euripidis Papadopoulos (Mr.)