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Design platform for economic production of multilayer Micro-Nano Bio Systems

Project description

Smart components and smart systems integration

Microfluidics and lab-on-chip is an enabling technology with great growth potential. The life science industry has come to realise the trends and potential of miniaturisation which already have effected the information and communication industry in the last decades. Combinations of microfluidics, microelectronics and microoptics provide striking opportunities for advancing biomedical research and creating new markets for the medical sciences industry. In terms of economical and ecologically worthwhile processes, complex Micro-Nano Bio Systems (MNBS) have greatest potential to enhance processes for cell-based assays, chemical analytics and medical diagnostics.However there are three main challenges for such (MNBS) market to overcome which hamper growth of the market: First, a lack of economical micro-fabrication methods hamper the implementation of lab-on-chip solutions in an industrial scale. Second, inefficient interfaces between laboratory equipment and mircofluidic devices cause a lack of interoperability. Third, there is no integrated manufacturing platform which provides flexible and cheap design and re-design opportunities.
ML² will overcome these three main challenges by developing a cost efficient production system for new generation MNBS, combining microfluidics, optics and microelectronics. The devices will base on a multi layer concept. The overall function of the smart device will be split in several subfunctions, which can be of fluidic, optical or electronic nature. Multiple foils will transfer the functionality into technical solutions. Economic roll-to-roll processes will be developed for the production of micro fluidic and optic functional layers.ML² will provide a design and manufacturing platform for the production of sophisticated devices which combine microfluidics, optics and microelectronics. ML² devices will compact devices with increased performance at lower prices compared to existing MNBS.

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