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Knowledge-based EFB for green flight trajectory decision aid


"The MAIN OBJECTIVE of the KLEAN project is to develop a custom knowledge-based EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) with SW packages implementing Advanced Weather Radar Post-processor (AWRP) and QAI (Quasi-Artificial Intelligence) agent algorithms, provided by Selex Galileo, for green trajectory optimization (reduction of CO2 and NOX emissions as well as noise pollution).
The EFB is also customized to include an ad hoc Graphical User Interface (GUI) for output presentation and pilot interaction and custom I/O interfaces to radar processor, external sensors/systems/database and the Mission/Flight simulator.

To get this goal, the following SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES are aimed:
Ob.1 - EFB overview, selection and purchasing
Ob.2 - SW integration and refinement of AWRP algorithms
Ob.3 - SW integration and refinement of QAI agent algorithm for green trajectory optimization
Ob.4 - Design and implementation of a GUI interface for result display and control
Ob.5 - Design and implementation of a few I/O interfaces for the PWRP, for the Mission/flight simulator and for the internal/external sensors/system/database
Ob.6 - Realization and testing of a demonstrator of the KLEAN system
Ob.7 - Roadmap for the KLEAN system certification

The innovative contributions of the proposal are:

In1 - A customization of existing EFB with some new advanced functionalities for facilitating the pilot on the decision of trajectory changes in presence of evident external change conditions.
In2 - SW integration and refinement of advanced radar post-processing and QAI agent algorithms for green trajectory optimization.
In3 - Design and implementation of customized GUI interfaces for a friendly interpretation of QAI outcomes and for EFB system control.
In4 - Validation and testing of the customized EFB to specific realistic operative scenarios through the use of mission/flight simulator in order to enhance the added value provided by the KLEAN system.
In5 - Roadmap for the FAA certification of the KLEAN EFB."

Call for proposal

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Viale G. P. Usberti 181A
43124 Parma
Activity type
Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
EU contribution
€ 559 491
Administrative Contact
Fabrizio Berizzi (Prof.)