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Gender and Citizenship

Final Report Summary - GENDERCIT (Gender and Citizenship)

Nowadays, gender studies constitute an essential part of the academic programmes in many countries on an international level; namely Northern Europe, the United States of America, Canada and Australia, but they are still fighting for recognition in the universities of Southern Europe and Latin America.

The members of the partnership – coming from various complementary disciplinary fields – have carried out collaborative research and have implemented programmes on gender studies (master degree, doctoral school) in their home institutions. However, they have identified the need to consolidate these actions and to develop comparative research through a permanent network.

The overall aim of the project is to create a permanent, international, interdisciplinary research and training network in gender studies between European (Spain, Italy, France, Portugal) and Latin American (Mexico, Argentina) universities: the Gendermundus Network.
The Network is composed by the following institutions: Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Seville, Spain, (coordinator), University of Florence (Italy), University of Paris 8 (France), University of Lisbon (Portugal), University of Cuyo, Mendoza (Argentina), University of Salta (Argentina), El Colegio de la Frontera Norte (Mexico).

The specific objectives of the Network are:
-To set up new research progress and to consolidate the institutional dimension of the partnership’s existing research and training programmes in gender issues.
-To enrich the theoretical framework in the field of gender studies, crossed by various approaches and perspectives.
-To promote and disseminate beneficial transfer of knowledge between European and Latin American universities with expertise in gender studies.

In the 48 month period of the project different actions have been realized to reach the specified objectives of the Networks, thanks to the continuous management support and coordination from University Pablo de Olavide (UPO).

Mobility is the core activity of the project. The Resarch Staff Exchange during those 48 months gave the opportunity to 163 European and Latin American researchers to spend a mobility period to a partner university in another continent. Early stage and experienced researchers developed different activities during their mobility actions as:
- Participation in Conferences, Seminars, Symposium,
- Realization of Athenaeum
- Training actions and teaching in the framework of doctoral, master and graduated programme
- Presentation of progresses in the research and discussion of theoretical and methodological frame
- Field work, in collaboration with local Gendercit groups
- Participation to training given by host institution
- Collaboration in host institution activities and in connected institutions
- Understanding different local context and realize joint actions with Gendercit research groups, organizations, associations, feminist and women movements and civil society on gender issues .

Thanks to the mobility actions, researchers have the opportunity to participate to 4 main events and one kick-off meeting to contribute to the network creation and strengthen the critical review and debate around gender and citizenship issues.
o Kick-Off Meeting (18-20 March, 2013. Seville, Spain.) Organizer: UPO
o First Conference: “Diálogo entre dos orillas” (30th September – 2nd October 2013. Mendoza,
Argentina.) Organizer: UnCUYO
o The Lisbon International Monitoring Workshop (24-26 March, 2014. Lisbon. Portugal.) Organizer:
o Symposium:"Gender and Citizenship. Inquiries from intercultural, feminist and decolonial perspectives” (1-2 December, 2014.) Organizer: UnSALTA
o Summer School, Florence, (7-9 September 2015 Salta, Argentina) organizer: UNIFI
o Final Conference (5-6 September 2016, Tijuana, Mexico and 12-14 September 2016, Mexico City, Mexico) organizer: COLEF.
- Interventions and contributions were organized by the very beginning through 4 main axis, which will be reflected also in the Final Publication: Citizenship, gender violence, education and gender, migrations.
Summer School and Final Conference has been opened to a huge public and presented progress and results of Gendercit joint researches in order to be published in the final Gendercit publication.

Thanks to the Research Staff Exhance and to Summer School and main events, as Joint Workshops and Seminars, Gendermundus Network strengthened and worked in order to reach specific objectives,
Main results and conclusion of Gendercit project, in accordance with its goals are:

- Analysis and debate around theoretical epistemological and methodological paradigms, used in social sciences scientific research, especially around the concept of gender, feminism, coloniality, postcolonial and decolonial studies, corporeality, embodiment, social and fundamental rights, intercultural meaning, border, migrations.
- Organization of international conferences, seminars, conferences by Partners University, reinforcing the centrality and the recognition of gender studies in the academic world.
- Realization of publications in international journals and special issues related to Gendercit network and in collaboration with other Gendercit researchers
- Joint researches between different universities and development of intercultural and comparative PHD thesis on gender issues
- Constant analysis of local contexts and transfer of knowledge, thanks to researchers’ contacts with civil society, organizations, associations, cultural centres, institutions, public bodies and policy makers,
- Intercultural literature review and integration of new methodological approaches to pre-existing researches.
- Creation of new graduate or postgraduate programs in gender and internationalization and strengthening of existing ones through the participation of international researchers.
- Creation of a permanent network Gendermundus, thanks to website and its continued expansion, thanks to new collaborations with research centres and universities of partner countries during the dissemination actions.

The major product of Gendercit Network will be the final publication, printed by COLEF and spread in the online version, which summarizes main researches’ results of Gendercit Network and important theoretical and methodological reflections of its development.
The diffusion of the book will allow the realization of the much needed pressure on policy makers and development of the debate around gender equality and equal opportunity, thanks to the detailed analysis on gender discrimination from a comparative and intercultural perspective that is offered.
- Publication of the Final Book, with the main results of the research developed within Gendercit and impact on policy makers through its dissemination and discussion on the analysis of the contexts provided by a gender and intercultural perspective.

Further details about the project and Gendermundus’ activities are available in www.upo/ and