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INL Fellowship programme in nanotechnologies for biomedical, environment and food applications


The INL International Fellowship Programme for Experienced Researchers is set to be a 4 year programme to foster and consolidate the European Research Area (ERA) by attracting talented researchers and developing their careers. INL´s Post-doc fellowship programme is an individual-driven bottom-up approach that comprises the incoming mobility scheme. INL´s international Post-doctoral fellowship programme allows for experienced researchers (from all over the world and nationality) to sketch out a research project and work on their own research idea, at INL´s Facilities. Fellows will have access to a completely new state-of-the-art infrastructure and will have the opportunity to enhance their expertise via a research project, in a scientific topic of their choice, and that is well within INLs strategic research and technological development areas:

• Nanomedicine: Drug Delivery systems, molecular diagnosis systems and chips, cell therapies, imaging solutions, regenerative materials, biomolecular labels, synaptic process monitoring, tissue engineering, etc.
• Environmental and food control: Nanotechnology applied to Food industry, food safety and environmental control. Water and Soil control, air pollution monitoring, artificial nanopore sensors, lab-on-a-chip technologies, Smart Packaging and labels, food control process, biosensing technologies.
• Nanoelectronics: NEMS/MEMS, Spintronics, Photonics, Nanofluidics, Molecular electronics, Organic electronics, Nanotechnologies to support the previous research areas.
• Nanomanipulation: Single molecule/atom manipulation, molecular motors, nanotwezzers, Sellf assemby controlled processes of building blocks for nanodevices.

INL´s Fellowship Programmes can only fund experienced researchers in possession of a PhD certificate and with less than 10 years of research experience.

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Avenida Mestre Jose Veiga Congredados
4715 330 Braga
Activity type
Research Organisations
EU contribution
€ 1 315 954,75
Administrative Contact
Paula Galvao (Mrs.)