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Droplet Impingement on Non-flat Surfaces


The impact of liquid droplets with solids can be realized in numerous physical conditions and technological/industrial applications, for example, spray cooling of hot materials, spray coating, fuel injection in combustion engines, fire suppression, inkjet printing, metallurgy, and electronic circuit cooling. Droplet collision with solid particles also represents a fundamental process in the Fluid Coking processes, which is characterized by the collision between heavy fuel droplets and catalyst/coke particles. The proposed research will explore using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) the detailed physics of liquid droplets impinging on non-flat surfaces; these will include solid particles in midair at conditions relevant to Fluid Coking processes as well as spray cooling applications through droplet impact on micro-porous media. The model to be employed will solve numerically the full Navier-Stokes, energy and transport equations inside and outside the droplet simultaneously with the VOF equation that will be employed for the prediction of droplet shape during impact. In addition, a local vaporisation rate model will be further utilised for the prediction of phase-change without considering empirical correlations for the droplet shape. This will allow predictions at surface temperatures both below and above the Leidenfrost point of vaporisation. Model validation will be performed by utilising experimental data available in the open literature. The developed and validated computational fluid dynamics simulation model will be then utilised for the development of methodologies for design, remedial measures and operation of these devices can then be established for the benefit of the relevant communities.

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Dilly Tawakkul (Dr.)