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Climate and nutrient impacts on lake biodiversity and ecosystem functioning


"Freshwater biodiversity is declining at an alarming and unprecedented rate due to the concomitant impact of several anthropogenic pressures. Recent studies indicate that climate change will markedly exacerbate eutrophication problems through a complex set of mechanisms yet to be clarified. The additive effects of climate change and eutrophication may further deteriorate freshwater biodiversity and induce a major shift in ecosystem metabolism towards stronger emission of greenhouse gases. Thus, the objective of the proposed project is to gain much needed insight into how a changing climate interacts with nutrient supply to alter the relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem metabolism in lakes. The project will employ and integrate multifaceted approaches at a range of spatial and temporal scales and use ecoinformatics to assess drivers and predict responses: a) the world’s longest running freshwater ecosystem mesocosm experiment; b) time-series analysis of data; c) a unique European spatial scale dataset; and d) new module-based lake models. The project will provide novel insights on key questions: How do temperature and nutrient interplay to affect the relationship between lake biodiversity and ecosystem metabolism across short and long temporal and large-scale spatial gradients? Which shifts in biodiversity and ecosystem functioning can be expected under climate and eutrophication future scenarios?
My training and career development objectives include: 1) to acquire new competences in the forefront of ecological research (ecosystem processes, global change ecology, macroecology) and the most novel methodologies within ecology research (e.g. ecoinformatics, large-scale mesocosm manipulation); 2) to strengthen my publication record; 3) to strengthen my project management and dissemination skills; together leading to my establishment as a leading senior researcher, with my own research group, transferring my knowledge to the institution where I establish."

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