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Drug-Related Information Seeking and Scanning from Media and Interpersonal Sources as an Indicator of Drug Use Risk: An Innovative Approach to Drug Use Prevention


Information related to marijuana and prescription drugs is widely available and easily accessible to young adults. This information may shape decisions about drug use. The current proposal seeks to increase understanding of the role of active and passive (scanning) drug-related information seeking among young Israeli adults in transition to college/university.
The objectives are to 1) develop measures of active seeking and scanning behaviors (SSB) of drug-related information seeking, 2) test the validity and internal consistency of measures of SSB, 3) describe prevalence of drug-related SSB and drug use outcomes, 4) establish the test-retest reliability of SSB measures, and 5) identify the effects of drug-related information SSB in shaping drug trajectories, including mediators and moderators of effects.
The first objective will be achieved through in-depth interviews with two populations - high school graduates (ages 18-20), and first-year full-time undergraduate students (ages 22-26). The results of these interviews will inform the design of a measure of drug-related SSB to be tested and validated under the second objective. In addition, the second and third objectives will be met through cross-sectional surveys of a) 800 high school graduates, and b) 1,000 young adults transitioning to undergraduate studies. The fourth and fifth objectives will be met through a 3-wave longitudinal survey of 1,000 young adults transitioning to undergraduate studies.
The data from this survey will be used to estimate the prevalence of drug-related SSB and to develop a model of drug-related SSB effects. The outcomes of the proposed research will provide empirical evidence about the prevalence, determinants, and outcomes of drug-related information seeking and scanning among a population of young Israeli adults in transition from adolescence to adulthood. The findings of this study may inform drug prevention efforts among young adults in Israel and other European Union countries.

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Iris Levi (Mrs.)