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Accurate ages of stars

Final Report Summary - STELLARAGES (Accurate ages of stars)

The Stellar Ages project aimed to determine accurate ages of stars using their intrinsic oscillations. These oscillations probe the internal structures of stars and therefore provide tighter constraints to derive stellar parameters. These stellar parameters including ages can subsequently be used to improve our knowledge of stellar evolution, exoplanets orbiting the stars, as well as the Milky Way that is formed of these stars.

The outcome of the Stellar Ages project shows that asteroseismology – the study of the internal structures of stars through their global oscillations – indeed provides important constraints to determine stellar ages. Furthermore, the measurements of the surface chemical composition of the star provide vital information. With this information we have been able to determine stellar ages with a median relative uncertainty of 10% for Sun-like stars. For more evolved stars we have also been able to make significant progress towards this level of accuracy.