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Understanding non-spherical droplet vaporisation of single-component hydrocarbon fuels and multi-component biofuel blends


The proposed project seeks a thorough investigation of the vaporisation of single- and multi-component non-spherical fuel droplet blends from first principles, using detailed computational fluid dynamics. The liquid will be considered as a two-phase fluid consisting of many liquid components and their corresponding vapour species. The full Navier-Stokes, energy and transport equations for each of the liquid and vapour species inside and outside the droplet will be solved simultaneously, together with the VOF equation that will be employed for the prediction of droplet shape under convective flow conditions. Various modes of droplet deformation as reported in the literature will be considered. A local vaporisation rate model will be further utilised for the prediction of phase-change without considering empirical correlations for the droplet shape. Thus, the bias of the widely used assumption of spherical droplets will be removed. Model validation will be performed by utilising experimental data of fuel droplets with well known properties. However, fast depletion of fossil fuel resources and increased demand for petroleum based fuels have led to the development and widespread use of alternative sources of renewable and environmentally friendly fuels (biofuels), like vegetable oils, alcohols and bio-Diesels. Understanding in more detail their effect on vaporisation of droplets is prerequisite for their effective use. In this study, computer simulation of fuel vaporisation utilising properties for a wide range of fuels will be performed which will be representative of conditions realised in automotive, marine, aeronautical and power generation industries.

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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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Dilly Tawakkul (Dr.)
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