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Holography for realistic black holes and cosmologies

Final Report Summary - HOLOBHC (Holography for realistic black holes and cosmologies)

This project led to the development of innovative techniques derived from holography, which allowed to achieve the description of novel classical and quantum properties of realistic black holes and cosmologies. Original symmetry-based methods were developed which led to the new concepts of symplectic symmetry, outer symmetry and multipole symmetry. The consequences of conformal symmetry of highly spinning black holes were derived for a multitude of astrophysical phenomena, which led to the discovery of critical behavior in accretion disks and gravitational waves. The representations of BMS symmetry for realistic black holes and asymptotically flat spacetimes were derived together with their counterparts in lower dimensional models. The holographic dictionary between gravity and conformal field theories was further increased using asymptotic symmetry, fluid/gravity and mutual entanglement entropy methods. The diversity of results achieved using symmetry methods beautifully illustrates the rich consequences of symmetries in the mathematical description of black holes and cosmologies.