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Hypervalent Iodine Reagents: A Tool Kit for Accessing Molecular Complexity

Final Report Summary - ITOOLS4MC (Hypervalent Iodine Reagents: A Tool Kit for Accessing Molecular Complexity)

The modification of small molecules is essential for accessing new drugs, agrochemicals and materials. In a research setting, reagents allowing fast and easy modification of commercial compounds by non-specialists are especially sought after. In this project, a toolbox of "hypervalent iodine reagents", highly reactive small molecules has been developed. The new tools are highly useful, as they allow unprecedented modifications of molecules, giving access to new chemical space. The new reagents are stable, easy to use, and allow the introduction of scaffolds essential for bioactivity and electronic properties of organic compounds. The introduced toolbox of reagents is therefore expected to find broad application in research in synthetic, medicinal and material chemistry.