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Interdisciplinary Cancer Research

Final Report Summary - INDICAR (Interdisciplinary Cancer Research)

The INDICAR – Interdisciplinary Cancer Research – Fellowship Programme of the University of Vienna was led by the conviction that an internationally attractive postdoctoral fellowship must provide an excellent fellowship experience including a well-developed research capability, career development, an enhanced research network, publications in high profile journals and excellent career prospects. In this Incoming Fellowship Programme, co-funded by the FP7 Marie Curie Actions, following a competitive application process we were able to select 12 excellent postdoctoral researchers resulting in the implementation of 430 postdoctoral fellowship months. The fellows came from different EU countries (Austria, Germany, Greece, and Italy) as well as from several non-EU countries (Egypt, Japan, and Republic of Zimbabwe). In total 17 different host departments participated in the INDICAR Programme. The research fields covered by the INDICAR Programme ranged from chemistry, biochemistry and biology to physics and nursing sciences. Their research has resulted in 49 scientific articles in top peer-reviewed journals (with Impact Factors ranging up to 52.6) four review articles, one commentary, one meeting report, two book chapters and one patent application that might lead to a start-up company and thus may have an important and intermediate socio-economic impact. The INDICAR Fellows have participated in eight invited talks and 74 conferences and meetings all over the world. INDICAR Fellows enhanced their leadership skills by participating in 37 teaching/mentoring activities. All Fellows have consolidated their transferable skills by participating in a total of 60 training courses and workshops. In addition, the Fellows have contributed to their mentoring and teaching competences, as well as their leadership skills, by mentoring MSc students and teaching at the University of Vienna. The Fellows organized three INDICAR workshops with invited guest speakers, researchers and students to improve their organizational skills, improve their presentation skills, and to expand their professional networks. Furthermore, our Fellows have participated in 12 outreach activities organized by the INDICAR Programme, such as the Austrian café, visits to different High Schools in Vienna and at events organized by the University of Vienna such as the “Nursing Dialogue” or the “Postdoc Breakfast”. In addition, they have been invited to give seminars at numerous international institutions. The dissemination of all these activities have been promoted on the INDICAR homepage (; YouTube and INDICAR social media Facebook, @indicar.univie Twitter, @indicar_univie, and (INDICAR Alumni).

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