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Developing sequence controlled polymers for organization, templation and recognition

Periodic Report Summary 2 - SCPS (Developing sequence controlled polymers for organization, templation and recognition)

The goals of the grant were to prepare new sequence controlled polymers (SCPs), which were capable of replication and recognition. A key goal was to produce polymers and self-assembled structures with unprecedented physical properties and with the ability to functionally interact and communicate with biological materials. It was envisaged that realizing this goal would allow us to bring new function to chemistry by the introducing the complexity and precision of biology with the predictability and high scalability of chemistry.
The program has progressed well towards the goals of the grant to create new polymeric materials. Good progress has been made towards the development and application of sequence controlled polymerisation methods and their application in templation. Significant progress has been made towards recognition and replication elements of the grant using nucleobase polymers. New methods such as polymerisation induced self assembly and crystallisation driven self assembly have been utilised to allow for the higher order assembly of these new polymers and create nanostructures capable of advanced function.