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Multifunctional Graphene by means of a Chemical Approach


The aim of MultiGRAPHCHEM is to undertake an extensive scientific program on the synthesis and characterization of a broad range of Multifunctional Graphene Systems. The multifunctionality will arise from the combination of -and the interplay between- the outstanding Graphene properties with those arising from the functionalization, which will be magnetic, optical, electrochemical and/or catalytic.
The main objectives of the project are: i) the synthesis and characterization of several high-quality soluble functionalized graphene materials, having different organic functional molecules; ii) the tuning of the magnetoresistance by means of chemical design, introducing electronically active molecules and controlling the surface functionalization; iii) the photoswitching of the electronic properties such as electrical conductivity by covalent azobenzene derivatization; iv) the development and characterization of thin films of defective-free graphene through molecular recognition of functionalized graphenes; and v) the synthesis of magnetic nanoparticles/magnetic clusters-graphene hybrids for the room temperature tuning of magnetic properties on surfaces.
In this sense, the project will require a multidisciplinary work, involving Organic and Supramolecular chemistry, essential for the succesful derivatization of the ubiquitous 2D material, and Physics, which will be employed in the study of the properties exhibited by these systems. As a final result, the project target will allow for an advanced chemical functionalization of G, an understanding of its physical properties and of the mechanisms underlying the proposed switching phenomena, which would lead toward the development of more advanced G-based devices.

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Franziska Müller
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