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Hydrodynamic Synchronisation in Model and Biological Systems

Final Report Summary - HYDROSYNC (Hydrodynamic Synchronisation in Model and Biological Systems)

The project was planned on 3 lines of research, and there has been good progress on all:
- On model colloidal systems, we have discovered how within a general class of driven oscillators we can fine-tune the state of synchronisation by simply modulating a few parameters; two papers on this work, one in collaboration with theorists at Oxford, the other in Warwick, have been published. Three papers have been published and two are in review based on the work of E.Hamilton. We also published a review of the colloidal synchronisation in a prestigious review journal, and another review on the applications to clinical research is now submitted.
- The completely new line of work, on live cells of human airways, was started in Jan 2015 with the arrival of M.Chioccioli. We initiated this line firstly studying a range of commercial samples (Epithelix) that are available from in healthy conditions and from a range of diseases. This workpackage led to two high impact publications with Chioccioli first author, and also opened up the area for PhD student N.Pellicciotta who has now submitted two first author publications.
- The workpackage on video analysis, led by PhD student L.Feriani has generated a lot of interest globally. The papers on this new multi-DDM method are being cited by various groups, and we are acting as a “hub” for various teams working on motile cilia analysis.