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Dynamics of Phase Oscillator Networks with Generalized Coupling

Dynamics of Phase Oscillator Networks with Generalized Coupling


"The interaction of units which undergo repetitive motion is one of the fundamental schemes in nature and technology. For example these oscillations are crucial to make our hearts beat: all heart cells have to contract together at the same time. Typically, the interaction between units is assumed to be simple whereas more complicated interaction has been neglected.

Understanding the dynamics of oscillatory units with complicated interaction is the main goal of GECO: what are the features of networks of coupled oscillators with generalized coupling? Of particular interest symmetric and near-symmetric systems. The understanding of these dynamical phenomena goes well beyond the results in the current literature. More specifically, GECO addresses a number of specific research questions. Why and how does degeneracy found in finite collections of oscillators for simple coupling disappear when one makes the interaction more complicated? If one allows the number of oscillators to be infinite, what dynamics are possible in this ""continuum limit""? Are there any genuinely new dynamics that may emerge through more complicated coupling? Answering these questions will explore new ground in the study of coupled oscillators and may consolidate existing results and put them into perspective.

The University of Exeter provides a unique research environment for GECO. A crucial part of the success is the direct, personal interaction with the scientific community at Exeter. Most important is the interaction with Peter Ashwin, the scientist in charge and a leading expert in the field. GECO does not only explore cutting edge research themes but will also give the fellow, Christian Bick, a unique perspective for his future success in academia."
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    1 January 2015

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    13 August 2017

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