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Off The Rails

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - OTR (Off The Rails)

Reporting period: 2014-10-01 to 2015-02-28

Off the Rails is a concept to develop a mobile game application that intelligently understands user movement patterns in terms of location, speed and transport mode. It will then let them “play” those patterns in a game interface, offering them (and transport partners) interaction with travel behaviours. The objectives and the results of the feasibility study were as follows. 1. To discover and understand the user needs. After a survey of 500 London transport travellers and two focus groups, we designed a prototype game and tested it with 10 users, supplying us with an enhanced understanding. 2. To test initial technical feasibility and tracking assumptions. We explored different options including our own tracking prototype and identified an established technical solution for modal tracking which the next phase can take forward from an already advanced level. 3. To design the user experience and game using prototypes. Having made strong progress with the basic game prototypes we developed a working prototype as detailed already. The user experience is now highly developed. 4. To produce a detailed report (this is the summary of that report), a game design document (done) and business planning roadmap. With technical partners identified for both producing the application and for integrating it with business partners, extensive research and meetings - with transport authorities, transport integrators, brands and destinations – we have produced a road-map that charts the application’s funding and investment requirements to progress it to market as well as its eventual revenue streams and business model.
We have reached these objectives by addressing the main tasks of the Phase 1 work package. Task 1: A State of the Art analysis that analysed existing games and services for travellers. Task 2: Our Business Model analysis sets out the value proposition, customer segments and relationships, revenue streams, resources and key partnerships. Task 3: The technical analysis is described above and has provided us with a tracking solution already at TRL 7 from our proposed partners, TravelAI. We have also designed the game engine and the system’s web-based component. Task 4: IP and Risk Management. Patent research has established freedom to operate and a table indicates all risks are manageable.
wireframe of early prototype developed in Phase 1