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Enzymatic SO2 biosensor for rapid food safety monitoring

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - SO2SAFE (Enzymatic SO2 biosensor for rapid food safety monitoring)

Reporting period: 2014-10-01 to 2015-02-28

Overall objective of the SO2SAFE Project is to develop a new miniaturized ready to use biosensor based on disposable screen printed electrodes (SPE) which will allow a highly sensitive, selective, fast and user friendly method for determination of sulphites in crustaceans, since this is a type of food where the sulphite is added as preservative. BIOLAN has already developed at the laboratory scale a simple, reliable and specific enzymatic biosensor for sulphite determination and has obtained relevant data that support the innovative biosensor versus other methods currently available. Based on these data, BIOLAN expects to become ready to give answer to the expected demand, first in the specific market segment of crustaceans and later to open new market opportunities in other sectors such as beer, juices, etc.
The specific objective of the SO2SAFE Phase 1 was, through the development of a feasibility study, to set the more complete and reliable business strategy for transforming the novel idea into a solid high-potential innovation project aligned to BIOLAN’s strategy and with the European industry needs.
Specific activities have been carried out in order to: demonstrate the technical feasibility, determine the specific potential market niches, determine the required company reinforcement in terms of human and financial resources, and identify all possible risk and barriers in all project development phases. As main conclusions/results:
- EU and Worldwide Regulations establish the necessity of monitoring sulphite levels in food and beverages to ensure food safety and customer health protection
- Crustacean industry demands fast, simple and reliable solutions for sulphite level monitoring to be integrated into HACPP programs
- SO2SAFE project objectives are technically feasible
- Nowadays, SO2SAFE does not have a critical competitor because a similar technology that offers such an advantageous performance has not been developed
- The European market will be the priority market target for the SO2SAFE biosensor, followed by the Asian markets and USA and Mexico
- As per result of SO2SAFE background and foreground IPR assessment, freedom to operate has been validated
- 2018 is established as the first year for commercializing the product after finishing SO2SAFE project
- SO2SAFE project will have a great impact in BIOLAN revenues and employment
- SO2SAFE project will increase BIOLAN production capacity at industrial level.
The positive results from the Feasibility Assessment demonstrates the high potential of the SO2SAFE project in terms of BIOLAN’s competitiveness and growth, and provided key input for the elaboration of its strategic business plan.
SO2SAFE Road Map