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Graphene oxide for advanced polymer applications

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - GO4APP (Graphene oxide for advanced polymer applications)

Reporting period: 2014-10-01 to 2015-02-28

Graphenea is the first European graphene SME producer and supplier of high quality graphene materials with revenues above 1 M€ in 2014 from global sales to leading companies and research laboratories.

Graphenea has developed a lab scale proprietary technology enabling cost-effective production process of Graphene Oxide (GO).
Through the GO4APP project, Graphenea aims to take GO a step closer to the advanced polymer composites industry as new additive that could revolutionise the market.

The main objective of SME instrument Phase 1 is to study the technological and economic feasibility of the GO4APP project.
The project started on 1st October 2014 and run for 5 months. The work performed during the reporting period and the main results achieved are summarised as follows:
- Technical Feasibility Assessment: Graphenea has made a selection of the best polymer matrix candidates for GO based advanced composites and has identified the technical challenges during the scale-up phase.
- Market Study and Commercialization Plan: Graphenea has conducted an external and internal analysis of both graphene and advanced polymer composites industry key drivers and success factors. Results include market size and price sensitivity identification, SWOT analysis, value proposition, commercialisation plan and business model definition.
- IPR Assessment: Graphenea performed an exhaustive patent search in order to validate the freedom to operate and being able to proceed with a patent filing
Organizational Plan Assessment: Graphenea has developed a detailed roll-out plan to secure milestones and business targets in each phase of the GO4APP project.
- Financial Feasibility: Graphenea has developed a breakdown analysis of project costs and investment to build up the financial model. Results from the GO4APP financial model analysis shows the rationale of the long commercial process associated to large chemical firms.
- Risk Assessment and Project Management Plan: Graphenea has identified the main risk factors that could affect the project feasibility and their corresponding mitigating actions. A work plan for the first phase (2015-2017- GO Industrial Pilot Plant) has been defined.
The positive results from the Feasibility Assessment demonstrate the high potential of the GO4APP project in terms of Graphenea’s competitiveness and growth, and provide key input for the elaboration of its strategic business plan.
Scale-up of Graphenea’s GO manufacturing process roadmap