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ProZero - Carbon Based fast boats for professional use

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - ProZero (ProZero - Carbon Based fast boats for professional use)

Reporting period: 2014-10-01 to 2015-03-31

Tuco Marine Group has a very ambitious growth target for the future. Tuco wants to become a major player in the global market for fast boats for professional use with an annual turnover of 700 MDKK in 10 years from now, up from just 20 MDKK today. The plan is to fulfil the ambition by introducing a new boat series to the market offering 4 different boat types:
• Daughter Craft (DCs)
• Fast Rescue Boats (FRBs)
• Work Boats (WBs)
• Man Over Board Boats (MOBs)
All four boat types are based on a single production platform giving Tuco a strong competitive position in the market. The series will be produced in composite materials supporting the light weight profile of the series.
In this report opportunities for reaching the ambitious sales target are identified followed by recommendations as to how to realize them. The market for fast boats for professional use is relatively complex with many different sales channels before reaching the end user. Therefore Tuco’s ambitions must be supported by a focused Go To Market strategy and it is suggested in this report to form the strategy on the principles of the “Bowling Pin” model narrowing down the focus of the initial marketing effort to a combination of segments that altogether form the most promising market opportunity for Tuco, as well as leading on to growth in new segments.
The first “bowling pin” identified has the following characteristics:
• Daughter Crafts
• Off shore deployed boats (the so-called orange segment)
• Northern European vessel owner (end user)
Later on Tuco can offer Fast Rescue Boats, Daughter Crafts and Work Boats to the orange segment and later again Tuco can move on to new customer groups. Examples of such new customer groups could be the naval segment ( ) and Chinese shipyards covering a large share of global demand for mother vessels.
The analysis in the report show that Tuco’s ambitions may be fulfilled if a focused Go To Market strategy is followed and that from a financial perspective risk is relatively low due to low investment costs and the single platform production design which is almost perfectly scalable.
• Finalize market analysis
• Finalize stakeholder analysis
• Finalize strategy for entering the market
• Completion of the business and project plan for carbon fibre FRBs, DCs and WBs
• Economic analysis of needed investments and financing
• Development of scalable modules or platforms
• To initiate the design of the whole ProZero Series including specifications for the boats, design of the necessary tools and moulds
• Finalize overall design for each of the three segments – orange, black and yellow
• To initiate the development of the design portal and a non-disclosure-agreement for clients wanting to enter the portal
• Test of design portal in collaboration with naval architect
• IPR – Examination of possibilities for protecting the ProZero Design and study of limitations in freedom to operate
Customer Studies:
• Selecting and establishing agreements with one or more end-users for demonstration of carbon fibre boat
The preliminary calculations show that the building of one boat generates 3 full time equivalents. The expected growth in employment equals approximately 75 full time workers.

Year: Estimated turnover from ProZero Series: Growth in term of employment
2017 (after 2 years) 10 Mio EUR – equivalent to sale of 25 boats 75 full time equivalents
2020 (after 5 years) 23 Mio EUR – equivalent to sale of 58 boats 174 full time equivalents
2025 (after 10 years) 90 Mio EUR – equivalent to sale of 225 boats 675 full time equivalents