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SmartClouds Orbital Dynamics and Control

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - SmartCloudsODC (SmartClouds Orbital Dynamics and Control)

Reporting period: 2016-09-01 to 2018-08-31

The objective of the project is to deliver radical new methodologies for orbital dynamics and control of multi-spacecraft systems to investigate new easy-accessible space-based products and services for Europe.

Thanks to the advanced in Miniaturised Electromechanical Systems technology, a new class of lowcost, low-risk space missions, based on multiple cooperative elements, is arising. Assuming smart-clouds of vast numbers of
femto-spacecraft, this project intends to move from the classic (deterministic celestial mechanics approach) to a new paradigm in space mission design, based on stochastic analyses of the agents in the cloud.

Through an excellent inter/multi-disciplinary training team, the purpose is to offer novel research methodologies and solutions to orbital dynamics problems including real-world uncertainties. Moreover, with an inter-sectorial secondment with a highly specialized SME company in space mission design at large, it wants to generate an ensemble of knowledge and resources to test and to fully develop this potential.

A main objective is to enhance capabilities and to devise new space concepts in clouds of femto-spacecraft in order to broad space-access to a wider European user’s community, also beyond the Aerospace sector, at extremely low-cost.
During the short effective duration of the project (in the order of a month due to long suspension periods) the work performed was associated with collecting literature for review and to determine the state of the art. No relevant result has been achieved.
Femto-spacecraft smart-cloud concept