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High Sensitivity Matter-Wave Gravitation Sensors


After more than 20 years of fundamental research, atom interferometers have reached sensitivity and
accuracy levels competing with or beating inertial sensors based on different technologies. Atom
interferometers offer interesting applications in geophysics, inertial sensing, metrology and tests of
fundamental physics. Recently, a growing interest of the application of atom interferometry to gravitational
wave detection and geophysics has been drawn. These applications beyond the pure scope of atomic physics
require the development of more performant atomic inertial sensors, particularly for the use of matter-wave
interferometers in gravitational wave detectors, where sensitivity levels far beyond the state of the art must
be demonstrated. The proposed project aims at contributing filling this gap by studying new atom and optical
interferometry techniques, in order to significantly improve the performances of matter -wave gravitation
The proposed MSC action will significantly impact the design of a new class of matter-wave gravitation
sensors, which are under study in several countries in the world. In the excellence metrology environment of
SYRTE, the MSC applicant will foster challenging developments in atom interferometers, with a high
impact on the communities of atomic physics, geophysics and gravitational wave detection. On this path, the
Experienced Researcher will benefit from an original and efficient training by the host group through
knowledge transfer, acquisition of new scientific and management skills, enlargement of her professional
network and development of her track record.

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