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Adolescents, Parents and Digital Media: Looking for the pattern that dis/connects

Von 2015-09-01 bis 2017-08-31, Abgeschlossenes Projekt



EUR 183 454,80


EUR 183 454,80

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United Kingdom

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  • Media Digitali, oggi a Parma la ricerca della psicologa Everri.
    Author(s): Donata Meneghelli, Marina Everri
  • 'Space invaders': Are smartphones really transforming parents and adolescents' ways of communicating?
    Author(s): Marina Everri
  • I misteri della rete spiegati ai genitori di figli adolescenti.
    Author(s): Marina Everri
  • Occhiali spia in famiglia. Osservano le relazioni genitori-figli smartphone.
    Author(s): Donata Meneghelli, Marina Everri
  • Adolescents, parents, and digital media: Looking for the pattern that dis/connects. First research report. London School of Economics.
    Author(s): Marina Everri
  • Adolescenti, genitori, media digitali. In cerca della rete che dis/connette. Un progetto con e per le famiglie, adolescenti, scuole, nell'era digitale.
    Author(s): Marina Everri
  • Smartphone: mai schiavi.
    Author(s): Donata Meneghelli, Marina Everri
  • Comportamenti Digitali. Il Bertolucci alla London School Economics.
    Author(s): Carla Giazzi, Marina Everri
  • The Subjective Evidence-Based Ethnography for studying ICTs-parent-adolescent everyday interactions.
    Author(s): Marina Everri
  • Adolescents' perspectives on the role of ICTs in their everyday life: An ethnographic study on their practices, representations, and emotions.
    Author(s): Marina Everri
  • Can research really be participatory? The research team meets research participants.
    Author(s): Marina Everri, Saadi Lahlou
  • One day in cyberspace. Identities, selves, personality in the navigation between online-offline spaces.
    Author(s): Marina Everri, Saadi Lahlou, Maxi Heitmayer
  • Revealing the unspoken. Seminar series on visual methods in social research.
    Author(s): Marina Everri
  • The SEBE protocol for the study of children-distal media interaction.
    Author(s): Marina Everri
  • Dis/connessioni. Le sfide dei media digitali per famiglie, scuole vecchie e nuove generazioni.
    Author(s): Marina Everri
  • 'How can I get rid of my smartphone?'. The controversial practices of Italian adolescents and their parents over the use of digital devices.
    Author(s): Marina Everri


United Kingdom

EU-Beitrag: EUR 183 454,80

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United Kingdom
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