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PCM-based cold storage as peak shaving for air conditioning units

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - ColdPeak (PCM-based cold storage as peak shaving for air conditioning units)

Reporting period: 2015-01-01 to 2015-05-31

ColdPeak project strategic objective is making commercially available the first cold storage product for civil air conditioning applications, called ColdPeak, based on a innovative patent developed by Upgrading Services and on a Phase Change Material (PCM) developed by Rubitherm, and characterized by unique energy density and fast charge/discharge. Thanks to an innovative heat exchanging system, ColdPeak is able to be charged and to release energy at high rate (high power), thus allowing a perfect march with civil air conditioning system (ACS) with the following main benefits:
• increase of the ACS efficiency, since the ACS power output and the load requirements are decoupled and the ACS unit can work at its optimal power;
• reduction of energy consumption thanks to the increase of ACS efficiency and to the production of a cold energy share during the night (low external temperature and higher efficiency);
• reduction of users’ energy bill due to the reduction of kWh consumption and to the possibility of producing cold energy when electricity cost is lower (low peak hours).
PH1 activities were focused on:
• business plan – analysis of the target market, competitors analysis, business model and strategy, application scenarios, revenue model definition, go-to-market strategy, SWOT analysis;
• ColdPeak platform definition – technological solution analysis, minimum viable solution for PH2, value chain and strategic partnership selection, technical feasibility assessment, operational plan;
• Impact on the companies – forecast financial data, impacts on company dimensions;
• IPR Management and Protection Plan.
The main results obtained are:
• First market: tertiary application (offices, educational, hotels, restaurants, hospitals and sport facilities);
• Minimum viable product: 30 kWhcold storage system;
• Industrial partners selection:
o two development partners: RUBITHERM (Germany, PCM manufacturer) and TEINSA (Spain, installer in the Spanish market).
o components suppliers;
o technical suppliers: LABOR and Process Engineering Research group of the University of Rome “Campus Bio-medico”;
o End users: Telecom, Pirelli, Gala S.p.A. Deutsche Bank, Mapfre Asistencia.
• Price for tertiary applications = 183 €/kWh; Production cost = 102 €/kWh;
• Revenues for the ColdPeak SMEs = 35 M€ in the 5th year after the product market launch (gross margin = 12 M€);
• Go-to-market strategy: industrial production of ColdPeak-30 (30kWh), ColdPeak-50 (50kWh) and ColdPeak-100 (100kWh).
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