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MeRIT - Maximising Renewable Energy Integration

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - MeRIT (MeRIT - Maximising Renewable Energy Integration)

Reporting period: 2015-03-01 to 2015-05-31

The overall objective of the MeRIT project is the commercialization of a unique Hybrid Energy Storage System that ‘maximizes renewable energy integration’ of wind and solar generation plant by enabling fast-responding ancillary services, reducing the 60% - 70% capacity ‘use-it-or-lose-it’ losses due to intermittency; and reducing curtailment losses through synthetic inertia.
During the Feasibility Study, Esave conducted extensive research of Power Conversion System, Flywheel and Battery Energy Storage technologies. Esave met with 13 potential ‘Installation Partners’. Detailed technical, safety and system designs are being progressed with three companies towards finalising an ‘Installation Partner’ agreement.

The Feasibility Study work packages addressed the following: Scope of Works; Business Case Financial Modelling; Technical Development Plan; EirGrid Demonstration Program Plan; DSO Grid Connect Approvals; Supply Chain & Logistics Plan; Installation & Support Plan; Commercialization Plan; and Risks and Contingencies Management Planning.
The MeRIT Demonstration Phase involves the installation on a renewable energy generation site, under the auspices of the Smart Grid Demonstration Program operated by EirGrid, the Transmission System Operator. The MeRIT system will be controlled and monitored from the EirGrid National Control Center to validate is capability to efficiently deliver stringent ancillary services of 40 milliseconds response time to 20 minutes duration.

The MeRIT Hybrid Energy Storage System uniquely incorporates power electronics, with flywheel and rechargeable battery storage technologies. The proposed installation will have a rated power of 2.5MW with flywheel kinetic storage inertia of 37.5MJ and 1.25MWh battery energy storage.

Internationally renowned U.S. Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and the Electricity Research Center (ERC) are partnering to extrapolate modeling and simulation of MeRIT across the grid. International energy consultants DNV-GL will produce a Technical Report that delineates the capabilities for international markets.

MeRIT will will enable up to 75% instantaneous instantaneous wind penetration onto the grid and will have significant demand in geographies with high renewables penetration (>20%), islanded, weak or isolated grids, as these will have the greatest demand.
Esave Schematic for Ancillary Services
Esave MeRIT Hybrid Energy Storage Enclosure Design