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Next-generation hybrid wind and solar power technology

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - Omniflow (Next-generation hybrid wind and solar power technology)

Reporting period: 2015-05-01 to 2015-07-31

With our hybrid solar/wind technology validated in normal environment conditions and introduced in several markets, such as Germany, Turkey, USA, India and China, Omniflow is ready to maximize its potential and go where the others cannot. Our goal is to develop a new line of products for off-grid microgeneration in harsh environments, such as remote northern areas (Northern Europe, Canada, Russia and part of China, etc.), remote desert areas (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Africa, Central and South America, etc.) and off-shore locations (sea buoys, vessels, oil platforms, etc.), beyond others, where the climate conditions are extreme and can damage the installed power production systems (PV panels, wind turbines, diesel generators, etc). In the coming years, a significant fraction of this electricity demand within remote areas will be met by some form of hybrid system that includes renewable or alternative energy sources. Of particular interest in this regard is growing demand for reliable, non-diesel-based energy sources from off-grid base transceiver stations for mobile communications networks.
We have taken opportunity of the financial support of Phase 1 to complete a feasibility study that has allowed us to fully validate the feasibility of reaching the market with a rugged line of products. The study has covered technological feasibility, market trends and definition of the business potential of Omniflow NEXT+. The needs of different segments of end users and customers have been taken into account, which has led us to better define the concept presented in the phase 1 proposal in terms of final scale and features of the final system to be pursued. The risks involved in the different technological areas involved, have been fully assessed and measures have been defined to minimize the potential risks. We have fully assessed our operational capacity to complete the envisaged project and have secured external expertise where needed for the next phase. Based on market assessment results we have foreseen the sales for the different segments.
The results of the feasibility study undertaken during the phase 1 action have endorsed our purpose to pursue the further development of the concept, following the revision of the specifications and update of the business model.
With the all-weather “rugged” versions of Omniflow solutions (Omniflow NEXT+) ready for the Distributed Power Generation, Mobile Telecommunications, and Smart Lighting, sales and net profit of Omniflow after 2018 will grow beyond present estimates, opening several new regional/national markets already interested in the distributed power generation from wind and solar Omniflow solutions (+energy storage), and its use in catastrophe readiness.
Omniflow NEXT+ prototype design for Oceano XXI sea buoy