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Innovation services for enhancement innovation SMEs capacities in Madrid region

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - INNMADRIMASD 2 (Innovation services for enhancement innovation SMEs capacities in Madrid region)

Reporting period: 2015-01-01 to 2016-12-31

INNMADRIMASD 2, “Innovation services for SMEs innovation capacities enhancement in Madrid Region”, is a Project aiming at enhancing SME innovation capacity by providing better innovation support under horizon 2020. Innmadrimasd 2 has provided innovation services to SMEs in Madrid through the Enterprise Europe Network as a suitable structure, offering in depth support services to SMEs in the area of innovation management.

The project target two SME groups, beneficiaries of Horizon 2020 SME instrument, in phase I and II, and SMEs with the potential to grow internationally via innovation.

Beneficiaries of the SME Instrument under Horizon 2020 have received specific target support from the Enterprise Europe Network node in Madrid to support coaching assignments addressing specific innovation weaknesses. The consortium partners have ensured that the SME instrument beneficiaries receive the most appropriate services and support to enhance the probability of successful exploitation of their innovation projects and the European funds they have received.

The objective of the support was to leave a footprint for the future sustainable growth of the beneficiary. The Key Account Managers (KAM) of Madrid’s node have interviewed the SMEs and helped them identify and propose appropriate coaches. They have facilitated linkages between the company and the regional innovation ecosystem and the relation with the EASME, if needed, in the development of their projects and in their participation in Phase III of the SME instrument. Also the KAM team has worked closely with all coaches selected for the beneficiaries, contacting them, knowing their capacities and sectors of interest, and helping them with their exchanges with the SME and the EASME.

INNMADRIMASD 2 also offered SMEs with the potential to grow internationally via innovation services for Enhancing Innovation Management Capacities (EIMC). These services tried to unlock the potential of those companies with innovative product/services/business/ model that lack the suitable knowledge, skills or ability to manage innovation activities to grow internationally based on that innovation. The team helped the SMEs to map their innovation management position, create an action plan and implement it to impact their business.
In the two years period, 2015-2016, the consortium has helped almost 100 SMEs in Madrid and has built a network of SMEs and coaches organising 5 workshops.

All SME beneficiaries in Madrid Region were contacted. An interview was held at their office or at the partner office with more than 96% of them. More than 94 % of the beneficiaries have received coaching support activities. Furthermore, the beneficiaries were informed and helped to access relevant regional, national and European SMEs support schemes to ensure further successful exploitation of the project in Phase III, including information on Overseas trade phase III programme and SME Instrument Innovation Summit.

The KAM team has selected 25 coaches for the SMEs instrument beneficiaries. This has included meetings with then and active search and selection of their profiles.

To offer EIMC services, the partners have organised workshops and events to find suitable companies for the services, and adapted the services to the needs of Madrid’s SMEs. Companies attending EIMC services were helped to improve their innovation management capacities thought the evaluation of their innovation activities, the elaboration of an action plan and the implementation of this plan.
The consortium has contacted all SME instrument beneficiaries, achieving a high percentage of coaching activities, and has included the SME instrument beneficiary in their COSME activities information system, offering them all the EEN services the consortium cover. The coaching services offer has benefit the SMEs in the development of their projects resulting in higher economic and social impact of the European funds they have received.

EIMC services have been offered and adapted to the needs of Madrid’s SMEs. The objective of the project has been fulfilled and the project will be able to continue offering in 2017-2018 the coaching services. Furthermore, the project will carry on increasing the participation of Madrid’s companies in H2020 SME instrument and EIMC service to improve the internationalisation of the companies.
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