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Ultrafast spin transport and magnetic order controlled by terahertz electromagnetic pulses

Traffic efficiency using cellular radio

The overall concept is based on the collection, storage and processing of road traffic information within traffic control centres, or SOCRATES information centres. 2-way information flow between vehicles and roadside infrastructure is essential to inform drivers via their in car units and to collect real time traffic data from the vehicles. The approach adopted is based on the use of a common downlink and a single, multiple access, uplink. Cellular radio can provide a high capacity duplex link necessary for the integrated road transport environment (IRTE) without unduly loading the radio network. The first year of the project confirmed the feasibility of the approach initially suggested to overcome the supposition that the capacity of cellular radio systems for RTI purposes would be too low. During the second year the concept was demonstrated, on street, in the Netherlands and work developing a major test site in Gothenburg has progressed well.
The main topics of the project are the use of cellular radio for high capacity duplex links to carry information, the dynamic updating of in car navigation aids to provide interactive route guidance and other traffic related applications of duplex radio links.
The work will demonstrate the feasibility of dynamic route guidance systems based on cellular radio; show that the proposed system can support other applications such as hazard warning, emergency calls, automatic vehicle location, road pricing, hotel/parking status, etc; quantify the capacity of the system in terms of numbers of users; show how the developed technology can be used in simplified user equipment; provide computer simulations of the data processing, information flows to and from the vehicles, and the navigation system; equip a test site in Gothenburg and use laboratory models and prototypes to verify and validate the theoretical predictions; make preliminary recommendations for a coherent system with route guidance and other applications supported by cell ular radio.