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ODYSSEE-MURE, a decision support tool for energy efficiency policy evaluation.

Periodic Reporting for period 2 - ODYSSEE-MURE (ODYSSEE-MURE, a decision support tool for energy efficiency policy evaluation.)

Reporting period: 2017-05-01 to 2018-07-31

The ODYSSEE-MURE project has 3 main objectives:
i. To update the two comprehensive databases covering each EU Member State (EU MS) and in the EU so as to feed the capacity building with the most up-to-date information: ODYSSEE on energy consumption and energy efficiency indicators, and MURE on energy efficiency measures and their impact evaluation;
ii. To provide new and innovative training and didactical documents to national, regional and local administrations in EU MS and to the European Commission to raise their capacity and expertise in the field of energy efficiency monitoring and impact evaluation as a basis for future policy making.
iii. To extend the evaluation of the impact of energy efficiency from energy and CO2 savings, as already done in ODYSSEE and MURE, to the multiple other benefits of energy efficiency combining existing evaluations and new analyses.
The project website ( newly relooked in April 2017 to be user-friendly and well organized gathers all the project’s outputs. It contains all publications, the 2 databases- ODYSSEE and MURE- several data and policy tools to help users and policy makers in analyzing energy efficiency improvement. The ODYSSEE database has been updated three times since the beginning of the project, and contains energy data and indicators up to 2014/2015 (as of April 2017). The MURE database contains around 2400 measures related to energy efficiency for all EU 28 countries plus Norway.

Capacity building is a core activity of the project and will address 3 areas, which are the monitoring of energy efficiency progress, the evaluation of energy efficiency policy effectiveness and the measurement of multiple benefits impacts of energy efficiency. Activities are organized to train first the experts involved in the projects, in particular the partners, the public authorities which support the project and the newly entering countries. 3 regional trainings will be organised during the project lifetime to train public authorities. A first training has been organised in September 2016 with 27 persons from 18 organizations.

Different advanced products to improve the understanding of energy efficiency indicators and policy evaluation will be produced (policy briefs, webinars, Q&A etc). A range of promotion materials (including newsletters, country profiles, sectoral profiles/flipbook, national reports, project leaflet and a journal article on multiple benefits) will be also produced to disseminate the project 's results.
The ODYSSEE-MURE proposal is addressing actors involved in the future design of energy efficiency policies and is aiming at capacity building on energy efficiency policy monitoring, evaluation and analysis. Several expected impacts have been identified to increase the building capacity of within organisations, public authorities or policy makers and stakeholders. The project will also contribute strongly to the capacity building within EU organizations, among others the EU Commission, the European Environment Agency EEA, EUROSTAT, EnR club (which gathers European Energy Efficiency Agencies).
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