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Making Wind Energy More Bankable…Faster!

Making Wind Energy More Bankable…Faster!


At Meteopole we set our sights on making the wind energy sector more profitable by maximising the economic value of the
wind energy site through optimising wind “quality” and “quantity” and de-risking market and performance uncertainties.
Meteopole specialising in wind power optimisation. We realised there was a need in the wind energy sector to provide both
technical and technological expertise to an industry suffering from a lack of confidence and reliability. Our ZephyWDG (Wind
Data Generator) and ZephyCDF (Computational Fluid Dynamics) products are currently sold as desktop packages to utility
companies, Green Field developers, consultancies, certification bodies and research institutions and banks.
These analytical tools reduce uncertainties at each and every stage of a wind project development to ensure that a wind
farm project (onshore and offshore) deployment will be profitable with optimum power performance for all key players
mentioned. These industry-proven tools also rectify and optimise performance on existing wind energy projects.
However, these tools, in their current format as desktop packages are holding us back and do not give us the benefits of
being on the Cloud. This is why need this Phase 1 to carry out a feasibility study and draft a business plan to be full our
ambitions to our platform and tools on the Cloud (to offer it as a SaaS to scale-up our products and offer it as a worldwide
service, to offer the platform as Opensource, and to be able to analyse and gather big data to for our customers to be use
when analysing and evaluating similar “case studies”). We will also define a pricing strategy for our 3 types of users (free
users who pay for what they calculate), active users who pay an annual fee and also get premium services and academic
Together with our know-how, products and service and this Phase 1, we will de-risk the wind energy market to make wind
energy a force to be reckoned with!
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€ 50 000

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Grant agreement ID: 717857


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    1 March 2016

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    31 July 2016

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    € 71 429

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    € 50 000

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