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Invitation to Researchers’ Night 2016-2017 HEllas

Periodic Reporting for period 2 - IRENE (Invitation to Researchers’ Night 2016-2017 HEllas)

Reporting period: 2017-01-01 to 2017-11-30

The Researchers’ Night events of the “IRENE” project took place in 6 different major Greek cities, spread almost nation-wide.
An intensive awareness campaign was undertaken, including TV, radio spots and interviews of highly-profiled researchers at national level, spreading the messages throughout the country while at local level, traditional communication ways of promotion were blent with innovative ones to provoke the curiosity of local communities.
The project addressed the public at large in all its components, with a strong focus on young people and kids.
In such a context, the benefits and interests of the researcher’s profession were described and illustrated thanks to the numerous researchers directly and actively involved in the activities in direct contact with the audience.
The broad range of activities offered included hands-on experiments, shows, simulations, presentations, interactive lectures, workshops, games, competitions, demos and guided visits.
The events were mainly located in central places of the cities, consequently offering the possibility of interaction between the public and the researchers.
The project has reached its objectives and proved to be successful.
Awareness campaign
Overview of the results
o Conception, realisation of promotional material: posters in various formats, leaflets, programmes (various sizes), banners, give away (balloons);
o Advertising in public places (cafes, stores, malls, libraries) and public transport through posters or electronic displays;
o Articles, announcements and advertisements published in newspapers and magazines (Special tributes at KATHIMERINI newspaper, Talk magazine, EKIVOLON magazine);
o Press releases sent multiple times to all media, networks and collaborators;
o Partnership established with media sponsors: Athens, Macedonian News Agency, Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (public radio and television), Kathimerini newspaper and Athens Radio 9,84;
o Production of radio and video spots for all cities of both consortia (Ren Athens and IRENE); The spots were sent (as a social message for free airing according to the legislation suggestion 3/19.12.2011) in 7 central TV Stations and in local stations at Thessaloniki, Thessaly (mainly Karditsa), Patras and Crete, as well as in 15 radio stations;
o Announcement sent to all schools including secondary and high schools in June 2017;
o Invitation to the educators’ broader community through engaging the Central Directorate for School Counsellors;
o Visits to schools;
o Sending of electronic invitations to over 15.000 recipients;
oOrganisation of pre-events:
o Albert Einstein and the universal force of love in the streets of Thessaloniki;
o “Scientific dance”;
o Revamping, constant updating and maintenance of project website: ; In a period of 45 days (1 Sep 17 – 15 Oct 17) 12.102 (9.719 in 2015, 11.088 in 2016) unique users and more than 48.945 (42.217 in 2015, 47.140 in 2016) page views;
o Revamping and constant updating of social network profiles (Facebook, Twitter);
o About 2.000.000 people made aware of the Researchers' Night and its objectives.

Activities during the Night

Athens (“Averof” building);
Heraklion (premises of FORTH);
Karditsa (3rd and 13th Elementary Schools of Karditsa);
Patras (Chamber of Achaia Perfecture and Riga Feraiou pedestrian zone);
Rethymno (premises of Institute for Mediterranean Studies);
Thessaloniki (Thessaloniki Concert Hall);

o Located in a frequented area;
o Offering : the European flag, connections to all relevant EU websites (list to be provided by REA), demonstration about at least one research project EU-supported in the area considered, interactive activities;
o Permanent presence of personnel likely to answer public questions about EU policies and programmes, and promoting the European dimension and gender balance in research and innovation (women in science);
o Testimonials/activities conducted by researchers funded by Horizon 2020, including Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions (having been abroad or being on site), who will also take part in the activities organised outside the EU corner.

Overview of the results
o Offer of the activities globally as planned and described in the Grant Agreement Annex I Part B, namely:
o Dozens of hands-on experiments;
o Cutting edge exhibitions;
o Interactive Games and guided lab tours;

o Active involvement of over 600 researchers, of whom:
o 31 having benefitted from a Marie Curie scheme;
o 114 having benefited from other EU support, under FP7 and/or HORIZON 2020;

o Over 17.900 visitors having taken part in the various activities offered, distributed as follows:
o Athens: 6.000;
o Thessaloniki: 5.000;
o Patras: 3.500;
o Heraklion: 2.500;
o Karditsa: 400;
o Rethymnon: 500
Collection, analysis and processing of 953 (855 in 2015, 1.324 in 2016) feedbacks through filled in e-questionnaires;
Main conclusions:
o Typology of visitors: about 61,4% female, 38,6% male, aged 40-54 for 60,2% responders, approximately 80% of responders having a university degree or above and 78,9% newcomers;
o Knowledge of the event: Social media (22,12%), articles on internet (16,10%) followed by “Banners/posters in the city” (15,46%);
o Overall positive feedback regarding the event itself;
o Most successful activities: interactive experiments, robots and VR ;
o Impact on public image of researchers and their work: Increased awareness about the societal impact of the researchers' work, in particular towards citizens' daily lives;
o Increased awareness about the importance of research activities for the progress of society;
o Impact on interest for scientific careers, in particular amongst young people:
o Increased interest for science and science careers expressed by visitors in particular young people, after having taken part in the Night's activities.
o 65,89% (68,12% in 2016) of the participants were aware that the EC was the main funding body of the Nights;
o Possible improvements: a longer lasting event, starting early in the afternoon and lasting until late at night.