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AVELEDA Fruit Wine

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - AVELEDA Fruit Wine (AVELEDA Fruit Wine)

Reporting period: 2016-07-01 to 2016-12-31

Aveleda’s main goal with “Aveleda Fruit Wine” project was to test the viability of introducing in the market a new kind of beverage, combining wine with fruit through an innovative production process.

Fruit Flavoured Wine is a category that is growing in several wine mature European markets (France, England and Germany), but all beverages available are produced with the addition of artificial aromas and flavours. Our proposal with this project was to produce a more natural “Fruit Flavoured Wine”, with all natural fruit.
During the reporting period several activities were developed:
- Selection of the best fruits to combine with wine. We started with more than 15 fruits, that we blended with wine (in different %). These combinations resulted in more than 50 samples of beverage;
- We entered the last step of the experimentation process (which involved several people from our company’s different departments) with 4 beverages (one for white, two for rose and one for red); In the end the decision was to develop the following beverage combinations:
o White wine with Passion fruit;
o Rosé wine with Strawberry;
o Red wine with Raspberry;
- Naming and Brand development with a design agency;
- Concept presentation to international clients and our Portuguese commercial partners (Primedrinks);
- Market research with end consumers, to test the concept of a more natural flavoured beverage, to analyse if the product gets a good appreciation from the consumers and to evaluate their reaction to different solutions for the brand’s name and image;

After 4 months from the first bottling we noticed that there was some instability in the beverage profile, because the taste differed from one bottle to another, and in some cases it was quite different from what we had established as the correct profile for the beverage.

We now need to re-evaluate all the process to understand how we can correct these differences between bottles.
What we expect as the final result for this project is to launch the product during 2018. We tested it with our clients and end consumers and the overall reaction was good. We need to do some work with the beverage itself, but the brand development is already quite advanced. We know that with this new production process we will have a more expensive product but there are clear signs that consumers are willing to pay more for a more natural product, because it is seen as a premium beverage.