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Support Action Towards Evaluation, Learning, Local Innovation, Transfer and Excellence

Periodic Reporting for period 2 - CIVITAS SATELLITE (Support Action Towards Evaluation, Learning, Local Innovation, Transfer and Excellence)

Reporting period: 2018-01-01 to 2019-06-30

CIVITAS SATELLITE functions as anchor for the entire CIVITAS Network, coordinating and supporting CIVITAS 2020 projects.
The project’s strategic goals are to:
• facilitate cooperation between CIVITAS 2020 projects
• elaborate the CIVITAS Process and Impact Evaluation Framework and formulate comprehensive cross-project conclusions on the effectiveness of measures
• support information-sharing and capacity building work of CIVITAS projects to maximise their impact
• strengthen knowledge exchange among the CIVITAS projects and beyond, and ensure that tools and methodologies developed are taken up by other cities/regions
• increase visibility of CIVITAS activities in and beyond Europe and disseminate the results of the CIVITAS 2020 projects
• enhance networking activities among CIVITAS Forum member cities, including strong links to CIVINETs, and encourage lasting capitalisation of activities
WP1 CIVITAS 2020 Coordination
• 2 needs assessments conducted with CIVITAS projects; results reports shared leading to 9 concrete proposals for cooperation between projects prepared, (re)assessment of webinar topics and cities’ interests for hosting study visits
• Activity table of all CIVITAS projects prepared; contact lists provided
• MoUs signed between SATELLITE and all CIVITAS projects to structure cooperation
• CIVITAS Exchange Hub set up as coordination and cooperation platform
• 8 editions of CIVITAS internal newsletter sent to keep CIVITAS projects informed about respective project milestones, SATELLITE services and events
• Coordination with EIP SCC improved; interaction with new CIVITAS CSA ELEVATE started
WP2 Evaluation
• Optimised and refined process and impact evaluation framework provided to all CIVITAS projects; core evaluation reporting tools sent to the IA projects
• Set of in-depth reviewed and improved Measure Evaluation Result Sheets provided to IA projects; also, new CBA guidelines produced
• Report on lessons learned from RIA projects funded 2015-2018 prepared; summary of evaluation findings from these projects provided to IA projects
WP3 Capacity building
• Face-to-face and online meetings organised among the various CIVITAS project clusters
• Library of past and ongoing e-courses and recorded webinars on sustainable urban mobility launched ( by now including 204 items
• 3 calendars and overviews of potential synergies of learning activities planned in CIVITAS projects shared
• Webinars organised on automation and MaaS
WP4 Transfer, take-up & exploitation
• 1 work placement and 9 study visits were organised
• Thematic Group (TG) activities initiated; altered TG approach implemented after 1st PPR
• Several international activities organised, e.g. CIVITAS session at TRB 2018 in Washington, ICLEI World Congress in Montreal in 2018, session at Automated Vehicles Symposium in San Francisco in 2017, international session at CIVITAS Forum 2018, and Transport Day 2018 in Katowice; International News section added to CIVITAS MOVE newsletter
• Online marketplace on tools ( launched, by now including 185 tools (of 110 envisaged)
WP5 Communication & dissemination
• CIVITAS communications and dissemination strategy prepared; Corporate Design Handbook significantly updated; logos/ templates prepared for both SATELLITE and CIVITAS projects
• Regular technical and content updates of CIVITAS website; search functionalities improved. CIVITAS Knowledge Base ( added, with Resource Library ( making it easier to find documents; Mobility Measures section redeveloped and renamed as “Mobility Solutions” (
• CIVITAS promotional materials prepared: business cards, ‘Welcome to CIVITAS’ booklet, roll-up banners and standard CIVITAS Initiative presentation
• Social media channels updated with several tweets/posts per week, leading to significant growth in followers
• 10 editions of CIVITAS MOVE newsletter published, achieving a growth in subscriptions
• 6 policy briefs released
• Media partnerships established for CIVITAS Forum conferences; articles/adverts placed in numerous magazines; 10 press releases sent.
• IA projects received wide-ranging communication support, incl. developing publications, composing/proofreading media articles, advice on branding, providing statistics for reporting, ad-hoc publicising of calls, events and other pieces of news
• Dissemination Liaison Group (DLG) meetings held at all CIVITAS Forum conferences, also, 11 DLG TelCos held
• CIVITAS attendance coordinated and ensured for 25 key European mobility events
WP6 Structured networking
• SATELLITE formally took over CIVITAS Secretariat services from WIKI
• Strategy to expand CIVITAS Forum network prepared and CIVITAS outreach database developed;
SATELLITE makes a significant contribution to advancing the goals of CIVITAS and maximising its impacts. It successfully builds upon and further develops existing CIVITAS principles, while at the same time introducing a number of new features to CIVITAS such as:
• Needs assessments with CIVITAS projects and provision of concrete cooperation proposals
• Establishment of internal newsletter for CIVITAS projects
• CIVITAS coordination with EIP SCC
• Further elaboration of CIVITAS process and impact evaluation framework
• Cooperation with and support for evaluation activities of RIA projects
• Face-to-face and online meetings among CIVITAS project clusters
• Dedicated support for CIVITAS projects’ (e-)learning activities
• Development of large library of e-learning resources (
• Introduction of dedicated international cooperation activities
• Launch of CIVITAS Urban Mobility Tool Inventory (
• Increased presence of CIVITAS on social media channels
• Technical and content-related improvement of CIVITAS website
• CIVITAS Forum conferences in 2017 and 2018 with strong representation of CIVITAS projects in programme, more interactive formats, and focus on deployment