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Periodic Reporting for period 1 - (

Reporting period: 2016-07-01 to 2016-12-31 is an online container booking platform, where clients can book their container shipments in less than 60 seconds. Our clients first select the container route, and then the size and quantity of the containers; after this, one carrier is chosen from the list provided, optional insurance is added, and finally they select a customs broker at the destination port. The clients control the whole import process by selecting their preferred carrier, insurance provider and customs clearance agent at the destination. The current response time for logistic companies is around 12 days (from the Freightos “mystery shopper” report) and they demand high commissions. The main benefits for our clients/society are a very short response and booking time, only carrier price rates (without additional margins), a vast selection of different carriers, a multilingual customer desk, and 24/7 availability and visibility of shipments. features a consistent all-encompassing connection which includes agents at both the origin and destination ports, insurance companies, container ship operator companies, and finally the users (SMEs). The system essentially becomes a single point of contact where information is exchanged.

The objectives for the project are:
financial: time and money efficiency
Social: employment opportunities and HR development
Environmental: waste efficient , nature protective ( trees, ....)

Overall objectives are: digitalisation of the logistics sector, process automation, process efficiency (from the order to the deliverable - ˝last mile service˝), price efficient services, a combination of different logistic possibilities to support the client with the ˝last mile service˝).
Main results:
Feasibility study
Business model
Testing laboratory pilot solution in the real environment
Main focus is on new employee options for educated individuals searching for first of new job opportutnity:
New employment options for educated individuals searching for new or better working options in EU: sales logistic experts, UX experts, digital marketing experts,
A development of the working environment for the Interdisciplinary team
A development of the new HR profile so called ˝growth hacker˝: is the person with the knowledge of the business environment (familiar with a management, product development, customers, investors) and with the skills to sale the services, search for clients, implement marketing and achieve sales goals.