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A Global Approach to Paid Domestic Work and Social Inequalities

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Domestic Workers Speak: A Global Fight for Rights and Recognition

Author(s): Giulia Garofalo, Geymonat; Sabrina, Marchetti
Published in: Issue 1, 2017

Global Rights and Local Struggles. The case of the ILO Convention n. 189 on domestic work

Author(s): Daniela Cherubini, Giulia Garofalo Geymonat, Sabrina Marchetti
Published in: PArtecipazione e COnflitto [PArticipation and COnflict], 2018, Page(s) 717-742, ISSN 1972-7623
DOI: 10.1285/i20356609v11i3p717

The Global Governance of Paid Domestic Work

Author(s): Marchetti, Sabrina
Published in: Global Dialogue, Issue 1, 2018, Page(s) 29-30, ISSN 2519-8688