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Launching the First Open Source Mobile Content Management System for Apps

Periodic Reporting for period 4 - King of App (Launching the First Open Source Mobile Content Management System for Apps)

Reporting period: 2018-02-01 to 2018-07-31

The objective of King of App has been to develop a platform that facilitates the development of applications for Android and iOS through a tool that serves as an alternative to other methods available on the market.
The way of work of King of App is based on the construction of applications composed by different pieces called themes, modules and services. The user can select each one of the objects that compose his theme, and entering to the configuration, he can customize the content and also the look and feel. And if he needs something more can access to the code and edit everything that he needs.
At the same time, each of these phases is developed following more specific objectives according to the qualitative aspects of the development of the project.
We start the project when the market was completely collapses in front of the failure of not enough app developers, and the solutions that offers the markets not allow the professionals to create apps. The solution of do it your-self was not enough for the advertisers, marketing people and web developers to create apps because they don’t apply changes and they can’t differentiate one app each other in this type of platforms. This target creates every year more than 50 M of websites, but they can’t create apps projects because they don’t have native code knowledge.
During the project we have to adapt the Workpackages to the market reality, Apple change his publication rules, and thanks to develop our auto publication system with auto signing with your own id, and our betting for the Open Source ecosystem we allow all the users to publish in both platforms.
At the same time our strategy business and sales have to adapt to this reality, and for this we implant auto marketing tools and we develop the online mobile marketing academy. In combination of all of this implementation we launch a complete product that allow the web developers to create fully customizable apps for iOS and Android with the same tools and knowledge that they are using to create website.
Reducing the cost to create an app starting from 3.000 euros to 50 euros and saving time from more than one month to less than a day.
After finish the project we can validate this points:
• King of App’s business model / differentiation strategy is perfectly valid. Most of our potential clients (at a national & international level) have given us very positive feedback about the Open Source CMS positioning.
• A few changes have been introduced to the products & services mix / pricing according to feedback received from preliminary commercial interviews we have held.
• Our business model is sustainable: according to the projected financial statements (produced according to the principle of prudence, especially when projecting revenues) the company’s European practice (headquartered in Spain) is viable (will probably have some small current capital needs during 2017 in the range of 200-300k€) and will reach break-even during 2017, generating net profit in 2018.
• In any case, this business plan & the main assumptions taken to produce and review it will be subject to a continuous process of revision. King of App’s financial department will evaluate on a quarterly basis the level of achievement of the plan, suggesting modifications to the plan / business model assumptions and/or action plans aimed at correcting deviations.
And all of these can be summarized as the Starter Pack, or the different pack offer that we have to sell to the web professionals. These packages combine all the strategy developed during the Workpackages: Training + Product + Support.
Facilitating the landing of new professionals to the platform and loyalty of expert users, as we accompany them throughout the process in a scalable and sustainable way. And thus promoting the growth of the community.
In the internet evolution, specifically in the evolution of the CMS history, the first two years of the all CMS the demand is low, during the third year start to grow, and the third to the nine year they grow unstoppable.
We are in the third year, and we are start growing in demand.
We start working in the project, that we just have 300 users and we have more than 18.000 are growing, we grow more than 8.000 just in the last 3 months.
We have trained more than 12,000 professionals in our online marketing academy.
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