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Signaturit - The smartest e-Signature solution to send and sign documents on the go

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - SIGNATURIT_2016 (Signaturit - The smartest e-Signature solution to send and sign documents on the go)

Reporting period: 2016-08-01 to 2017-01-31

E-mail is unquestionably the main communication system for companies, including SMEs. The problem observed, however, is that this channel results to be among the most vulnerable ones for security threats, data leakage or fraud. To keep protected from constantly changing e-mail threats, safety solutions need to be constantly improved and updated.
Our final aim is to offer different solutions: simple electronic signatures, advanced electronic signatures, eDelivery and ID Recognition. The common aspect of all of them is that we have developed these products with a very friendly user interface but with the maximum legal guarantees that the EU Regulation can provide. The combination of this user experience and the legality make our solution something unique in the market.
Signaturit provides an advanced electronic signature solution in accordance with the eIDAS regulation, and the electronic evidences collected during the signing process are therefore admissible in a court of law and valid throughout the EU. The philosophy of Signaturit is based on creating an extremely simple software for the user and it can be used directly from the mail client without having to install external applications, access to web platforms or create a user previously.
In the coming years, companies will have to position themselves in the field of adoption of new technologies, considering them as possible sources of competitive advantages.
Electronic signatures are accelerating due to the rapid evolution of consumer technology and the need to reduce transaction costs.
We want to provide the leading technology for closing contracts with clients online, paying special attention and care to our customers. Now the digital onboarding processes can be more intuitive while keeping all the legal guarantee
The overall objective of the present project is to demonstrate the technical and economic feasibility of a web and mobile platform capable of working as a trust service, for the creation, verification, validation, handling and preservation of electronic signed documents on the cloud. The proposed solution will guarantee an optimized level of security during the exchange and storage of e-mails, without compromising data usability, neither modifying processes normally used in electronic mails.
The report will provide a comprehensive perspective of Signaturit project and the estimated results of its implementation within the targeted market. Specifically, the business plan should detail how Signaturit as a leading product will meet the identified need and there is a proper market strategy capable of ensuring the return of investment and company´s high growth.
Task I: Technical Feasibility. During this task we have studied block chain technology in order to see the viability of this technolgy in our solution. We will be able to make our system more secure, decentralised, maintainable and it will work smoothly.

Task 2: Development of technologies for creating “Encryption based on attributes”. We have developed a software that allow us to capture the biometric information of a handwritten signature made by a user when signing a document online directly in any browser and device without any previous installation of an app or plugin.

Task 3: Development of the web and mobile Platform:

To turn this technology into an advanced firm, we perform the following steps:

● We apply HASH SHA256 function to the original document to obtain a string that uniquely identifies the file.
● We join this string with the data obtained from the signature graph (speed / time / acceleration) and obtain a text string that uniquely identifies the file and the data of the graph.
● We create an encrypted string using a public / private key that we store.
● Encrypted the data generated with this encrypted string and stamp the data in the final document as metadata.
● We apply the time signature to guarantee its integration and its subsequent non-manipulation.

Task 4: To ensure platform usability, enabling email storage, time-sealing and encription, we conducted a usability test with 150 test-users.

Task 5: Implementation of a commercialization plan for platform launch.
In Signaturit, we have designed and implemented a business plan which is critical prior to start the commercialization stage. In order to do so, we have reviewed our value proposition to better understand the customer needs and see how could we improve the conversion rates in the sales process by targeting more specific business types.
Electronic signatures are becoming more and more simple, more accessible and cheaper, with more computers and tablets with touch screens available.
The recent connection of electronic signature capabilities for the improvement of client experience is also accelerating its adoption.
Based on our analysis, we think that there are clear opportunities in the European market that support the adoption of our solution. We are providing the leading technology for closing contracts, paying special attention and care to our customers.