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Real time video creation according to your emotions

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - MORPHCAST (Real time video creation according to your emotions)

Reporting period: 2016-08-01 to 2017-01-31

The challenge of the MorphCast project is to radically change the advertising sector, providing an innovative solution to maximise the consumers’ engagement, delivering targeted advertising to individual users while maintaining their personal data totally private and, at the same time, disintermediating the analysis of big data concerning users’ profiling and their related costs. Cynny, in fact, is proposing the first software application that enables advertisers to create instant video (MorphCast) that adapt and change in real time depending on the individual viewers’ characteristics (age, gender, taste and enjoyment): MorphCast indeed is able to profile viewers and, at the same time, maintain completely protected their personal information strictly resident in their devices.
During SME-Instrument- Phase 1, Cynny team has confirmed the technical and economic feasibility of its idea and confirmed its willingness to proceed further to the full development of the MorphCast system. We performed tests on the strength of facial recognition algorithms, thus confirming their accuracy, and evaluated users’ number, the distribution of MorphCast views, based on the Beta version released and the users’ interest. We optimized some privacy issues related to our system and identified technical weaknesses that will be improved during next SME-Phase-2. From an economic point of view, we deeply analysed the video advertising market evaluating its size, grow and trends. We identified and studied the most suitable distribution channels for the future deployment of MorphCast and set up a detailed commercialization strategy, basing on which, we reviewed our business plan assumptions and forecasts.
During this phase, we also filed another important patent concerning viewers’ privacy protection and we received the granted status for the main patent related to our system. Thanks to the support of commercial partners and new investors, we found a strong co-funding strategy to ensure the fast deployment of the system and its successful introduction in the market by 2019. Furthermore, we reached an integration with an instant messaging app with more than 300M users and a commercial agreement with the first white label cloud service in the world. Finally, we are talking with international publishers to evaluate partnerships on the advertising market. Thus, we concluded the action with the willingness to go ahead with this project and to apply for the SME-Instrument Phase-2 fund.