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Innovative environmentally-benign wastewater treatment reagents offering a step change in efficiency in the cleaning of water from oils and metal ions and in liquidation of emergency oil spills

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - BioMicroGels (Innovative environmentally-benign wastewater treatment reagents offering astep change in efficiency in the cleaning of water from oils and metal ions and in liquidation of emergency oil spills)

Reporting period: 2016-08-01 to 2016-12-31

BMG Intepco is looking to address the global problem of clean water.

Having developed and patented unique properties of biomicrogels - organic biodegradable chemicals capable of encapsulating oils, oil products and metals - the company is looking to deliver value to the industrial waste water treatment, emergency oil spill clean up and cleaning products market by offering more efficient, cheaper, and environmentally friendly solutions.

Some 1.2 bn people, which is about 20% of the world population, inhibit areas of physical water scarcity now and the demand for clean fresh water in growing twice as fast as population growth.

Industries, such as oil exploration and production, oil refining, petrochemical and steel manufacturing are among the largest users and polluter of water. Proliferating offshore oil production and international trade lead to higher risks of oil spills. On the domestic level, growing level of detergents use call for chemicals that are safer for human health and the environment.

Developing more efficient solutions for these applications provide benefit to the society though ensuring access to safe and clean water remains.

Our overall objective is to ensure minimisation of the use of harsher chemicals for water treatment and increase environmental profile on industrial and domestic level though the use of biomicrogels.
Within the SME Instrument Phase 1 BioMicroGel project led by BMG Intepco Limited, we have identified significant commercialisation potential of the developed organic chemical in the fields of industrial waste water treatment, oil spill clean up and above all, enhancement of cleaning products.
As the result of the action, BMG Intepco has produced relevant deliverables, including market research, a business plan and a financial model.
The work performed within the Phase 1 included:-
1. we have completed research of the three relevant markets (industrial waste water treatment, oil spill response and cleaning products) in Europe;
2. we have developed commercialisation strategy rooted in the market research findings and based on mentorship consolations with experienced market professionals;
3. we have developed a budget and a financial model, including pro-forma financial statements, business evaluation, break even analysis and sensitivity analysis;
4. identified and analysed project and business risks and developed risk mitigation strategy;
5. we have initiated an industrial waste water treatment solution trials with a large oil producer, conducted lab trials, developed equipment principle scheme and are now carrying out equipment assembly works;
6. we have developed trial procedures and completed tests of toxicity of biomicrogel oil spill encapsulator in respect of fish, fish eggs, algae; and have obtained low hazard class certification;
7. we have designed, installed and commissioned experimental biomicrogel-based cleaning products production line and launched market-test sales of the products;
8. identified industrialisation partners in Europe (certifications, testing and trials, commercialisation opportunities, IP attorneys);
9. we have further enhanced exiting IP portfolio; and developed an IP protection strategy;
10. participation in relevant accelerators and competitions (MassChallenge Accelerator in London, South Summit in Madrid, SME Instrument Innovators’ Summit in Brussels and Slush in Helsinki;

The results achieved within the Phase 1 includes the following:-
• Decision to focus on cleaning products market to ensure faster time-to-market while performing necessary commercialisation activities in the industrial waste water treatment and oil spill response markets;
• Decision to set up pilot production of biomicrogels and cleaning products;
• The company will initially be funded by own and private investor’s funds with the help of Phase 2 grant funding.
Biomicrogels are completely biodegradable organic particles produced from apples and wood that have a number of unique properties.

Commercialisation of biomicrogels provide unprecedented opportunities of increasing sustainable profile of several large and important industries: industrial waste water treatment, emergency oil spill response and cleaning products.

In industrial waste water treatment, biomicrogels provide high efficiency of water cleaning from oils, oil products, and metals; they lower treatment costs as sedimentation occurs without expensive flocculants; have faster reaction and sediment formation times.

In oil spill clean up, biomicrogels are capable of encapsulating small droplets of oil which makes this oil much easier to skim from water. Besides, it does not catch fire and does to stick to birds and animals. The removed oil can be separated from biomicrogels are re-used.

In cleaning products market, biomicrogels are capable of enhancing the performance of surfactants (main ingredient of detergent composition) and eliminate the need to use phosphates, chlorine, alcohols and solvents, making efficient and more environmentally friendly cleaning products.