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Sensefinity Social Machines

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - sSM (Sensefinity Social Machines)

Reporting period: 2016-08-01 to 2017-01-31

The overall challenge is to deliver an IoT extended into a web of platforms for connected devices and objects. They support smart environments, businesses, services and persons with dynamic and adaptive configuration capabilities. In this sense, Sensefinity has developed a sensor-platform which is out-of-the-box integrated into SaaS (Software as a Service), which provides simple applications for business verticals.
The biggest challenge will be to overcome the fragmentation of vertically-oriented closed systems, architectures and application areas and move towards open systems and platforms that support multiple applications.

Indeed, nowadays large corporations have the means to invest in the computerization and gathering of the data generated by their physical assets, also known as IoT. However, these solutions are based on expensive bespoke projects and have a long implementation time, and due to their bespoke nature are expensive to replicate. This constitutes a barrier for usage by small and medium sized enterprises (SME) which cannot afford the price of these bespoke projects.
Sensefinity analyzed together with target customers in relevant sectors the needed requirements for gathering and monitoring Industry 4.0 processes. This resulted in the request for specific hardware as well as Cloud-based software that can obtain the requested values and create the necessary real-time alerts that will be used to configure actions in the customer's ERP systems.
This leads to the simple implementation of industrial supervision systems that can handle monitored data as well as context information like the asset's current location.
With this Hardware and Software first projects and pilot deployments are beeing executed in relevant customers.
With the sSM -Sensefinity Social Machines, we can already now provide machine makers, logistic operators and service companies with a means to very fast integrate their physical assets into their existing backend systems.
This is of great value since it levels the playground for SMEs to be able to compete with larger corporations in digitalization.
Sensefinity is also part of the Climate-KIC since sSM for the Logistic Operators brings the additional benefit to be able to reduce waste, i.e. 30% of the food worldwide is wasted, with real-time operations visibility in the cold-chain, sSM Sensefinity Social Machines, is capable of potentially save one third of that due to the added visibility to abnormal conditions and real-time alerts.
sSM Hardware Application Formats
Wireless Meeting Price for Cold Chain Supervision