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Cegasa Portable Hybrid Energy Storage Solution

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - CHESS (Cegasa Portable Hybrid Energy Storage Solution)

Reporting period: 2016-08-01 to 2017-01-31

The work done during the 6 months of the project has thoroughly been following the work plan signed in the Grant Agreement. In the following lines, the work plan is explained and detailed:
Objective: Analysis of the innovative value proposition that enables the sale of the product with enough profit margins to allow the return on investment and ensure the future sustainability.
Tasks: Four different tasks have been implemented during the project execution:
- Task 1: Market
- Task 2: Value proposition, business model and commercialization
- Task 3: Cost, revenues and funding scheme
- Task 4: Feasibility study
The results obtained in this study have made us accelerate the final validations and the product has started its market test as well in Europe. There is still much to do, as this has just started, but we are optimistic as future results are promising
The interest in energy storage is situated at the core of countries with climate change commitment and renewable energy policies.
Energy storage plays a main role bringing grid stability and electrical availability
Li-Ion technology is the most appropriate technology to solve the mentioned problematic for the following reasons:
- Li-Ion has the capability to respond to electrical curtailments in millisecond time frame, and is able to provide energy during minutes until the grid stability is reached.
- This Li-Ion characteristic is favourable to reduce curtailments in weak grids.
- Li-Ion power technology has a very high energy density, for example a system of ~5MW will need approximately 40 m2 to be installed.
- Li-Ion technology has high efficiency, more than 90%, and thus offers the possibility to use the electricity when prices are more beneficial, increasing the incomes of the traditional business model.
Australia´s energy storage market presents an opportunity for a large addressable market for storage system vendors and developers
Special mention has to be done with South American countries. This is a very interesting market because of the weakness of the current infrastructures and geological characteristics (islands, isolated areas, etc.) and their potential growth
Chess will generate following opportunities and challenges:
• Current distribution: There are many paralleled strings and is critical to accurate an equal current distribution. It is necessary to model the final solution to define and apply the installation procedure.
• To monitor (in local and remote) all the important values, voltage, current, temperature, …, in order to get information and feedback.
• The converters' response time during the different power requirements.
• Communication isolation against Electromagnetic emissions, this type of emissions is critical in this type of installation because of the voltage, current and converter’s frequency.
The high energy string can storage 70 KWh with a maximum power of 70KW while the high power string h
The strings, as well as the power electronics (DC/D converter) are integrated in an acclimatized con