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Novel Flavour Delivery Technology for Sugar Reduction

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - DouxSweet (Novel Flavour Delivery Technology for Sugar Reduction)

Reporting period: 2016-09-01 to 2017-02-28

Over-consumption of sugar is associated by many health authorities, regulatory agencies as well as many consumers as one of the main contributors to obesity, diabetes and heart complaints. Obesity is growing fast, so is diabetes and the global costs are estimated at $548 Billions/year. Pressures are building up in the form of public opinion, reduced revenues and new taxation for products with high sugar content (such as sodas and juices) as well as regulatory developments.

The food and beverage industry is therefore urgently looking for solutions to reduce sugars while retaining existing taste profiles that customers prefer. Achieving a controlled reduction of sugar consumption will only be possible if consumers will be offered the sensory experience they like and are accustomed to in products they choose. Current sugar substitutes cannot provide this.

DouxMatok provides a solution to enhance sugar sweetness perception with no aftertaste
through its flavor delivery technology.

The objectives of the DouxSweet SME Phase 1 project are to review all key elements of our Innovation Project from R&D until the smallest figures in the business plan. This will prepare us for the next critical steps in the DouxMatok Business Innovation Project which will focus on the scale-up in our production and, finally, commercially launch of food products based on the DouxMatok technology.
During the SME Phase 1 project, DouxMatok’s sugar products were successfully tested by a number of potential customers for a variety of applications. In addition, DouxMatok’s team has visited a number of EU leading food manufacturers to demonstrate how to best use the products. In addition the company has joined an European food industry leading organization EIT-Food and participated in number of food technology conferences.

Combining the feedback of these food manufactuerers with the market research performed during this DouxSweet project, we developed a detailed business plan which combines two operating models (third party manufacturing and licensing) to grow our business substantially and controllably over the coming years. The operating models differ per product and market and take into consideration the financing needed to succeed.

The scale-up needed over the coming years has been closely studied to provide the strategy and cost structure (both capex and opex) which will provide us with the best and fastest way to commercialization.

Combining all elements of the Feasibility Study, The DouxMatok Business Innovation Project will continue as planned with the aim to generate massive positive impact for food manufacturers and consumers.
The impact of DouxSweet is expected to be highly substantial. Hundreds of millions of consumers throughout Europe will be able to purchase excellent food products with a significantly lower sugar content. Food producers will finally be able to provide, at a reasonable effort and cost level, healthier food products. At the same time, they will meet their regulatory obligations. In addition, the European food industry will be able lead and to export healthier food around the world.