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Engine Mounting System (EMS) for Ground Test Turboprop Engine Demonstrator

Periodic Reporting for period 4 - EVIS (Engine Mounting System (EMS) for Ground Test Turboprop Engine Demonstrator)

Reporting period: 2021-01-04 to 2021-07-03

Aircraft engine manufacturers are developping a new-generation of turboprop, offering a lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions than current engines. This leads to develop a new and specific suspension system, which is the aim of the EVIS (Engine Vibration Isolation System) project.
The EVIS project main objective is to achieve improved engine mounting system in terms of technology and associated process enabling high level of comfort for passengers. Cost and weight reduction comparison to existing engine mounting system will be also part of such main objective.
The project was funded by Clean Sky Joint Undertaking.
In order to meet the project main objective, the following sub-objectives will have to be reached:
• Establish technical specifications of the new EVIS;
• Adapt existing engine mounts for forward section and develop all-new engine mount for afterward section;
• Analyse ground test campaign results to able the optimization the EVIS design for a potential next phase (such as flight test)

After the definition of the techincal requirements with the engine manufacturer, the EVIS has been designed and manufactured.
A qualification testing has demonstrated its compliance to the specfications.
A important milestone has been reached with the delivery of the EVIS to the engine manufacturer and its installation of the ground test bench, in June 2019.
Then the engine ground test campaign has started until 2021.
The feedback of this test campaign was that the EVIS behaved perfectly, the vibration attenuation level reached the expected result.
Here is the main objective of the project, as described in the first paragraph : supply on improved, lighter, and cost effective engine mounting system.
A specific solution has been developped for the project due to the severe thermal environment around the afterward isolator.
The engine ground test campaign has validated the EVIS characteristics and behaviour.
The natural next step will be to perform a fly test campaign with this new EVIS. Hutchinson will propose this new technology to the aircraft manufacturers for the next generation of flying platforms.
Preliminary EVIS