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Data Should Inspire – Development of a Disruptive Big Data Analysing Solution for Marketing Agencies

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - DASHIN (Data Should Inspire – Development of a Disruptive Big Data Analysing Solution for MarketingAgencies)

Reporting period: 2016-11-01 to 2017-02-28

InboundMuse Ltd. is established in Malta as a privately held company, delivering Software as a Service solutions and bespoke consulting services, with a focus on promoting a data-driven approach to Marketing within SMEs.

DASHIN is a revolutionary B2B software tool for Digital Marketing Agencies that transforms big data into actionable strategic recommendations just as a human would – something unique in the digital marketing industry.
As marketing data gets more complex to analyze, tools that can quickly make sense of it become a higher priority. DASHIN allows Agencies to connect their clients’ data to be processed into marketing recommendations and presented in plain English (distilled from millions of data-points) saving the Agency days in terms of man hours for faster delivery, better client satisfaction and a higher client retention. DASHIN automates the entire process from data mining to insight generation and furthermore suggesting the optimal solution just as a human would – something unique in the realm of digital marketing. This would save hours from an analyst’s job. When this powerful tool is introduced in an agency setting with multiple clients, its effects are cumulative and the agency ends up saving days off its schedule, which means faster delivery, better client satisfaction and client retention. Client retention is the crucial factor for an agency because its 10x more expensive to sell to a new client then to an existent client.

The overall of this project is to prepare a Feasibility Study and Business Plan to determine in-depth the possibility, feasibility, risk, viability, profitability and sustainability of this new project.
Work performed during the project:

1) Market feasibility study

Market survey and analysis with desktop research (market reports) and information obtained from end-users to expand initial market research, containing segmentation, market forces and competition. Target segments were selected, with commercialisation/dissemination plan for each

End-user studies surveys and interviews were performed to estimate market penetration. Interaction with target clients to gather their preferences, willingness to pay and acceptable price.

Regulatory framework and IP protection – freedom to operate analysis with regulatory ranking.

Partners search – selection of technological, pilot, commercialisation and dissemination partners in target segments.

Assessment of commercial risks.

2) Technological feasibility study

User requirements – identified processes and constraints (use cases) in different market segments.

Technical gap analysis – compared current technology status with user requirements and identified key features to be implemented (based on cost/benefits analysis, including scaling costs).

Assessment of technological risks.

3) Elaborate Business Plan

The initial business plan was updated to include results of the tasks above: detailed marketing/dissemination and commercialisation plan, market research and financial plan that will result in the maximum permissible resources to bring DASHIN platform into the market, considering all costs involved and project profitability.

The result of the Feasibility Study show that this project is critical for the growth of our company. DASHIN is possible, feasible, viable, profitable and sustainable, and identified risks are being mitigated. The project is a GO.
The successful development of the DASHIN predictive analytics data-models, are key to delivering a cutting edge, disruptive solution for Digital Marketing Agencies that will allow them to automate a large portion of work that so far has had to be done exhaustively by humans. Our novel technology will automate the data analysis process thereby reducing the time and cost required for the creation and implementation of marketing strategy. We are offering SMEs the opportunity to cost effectively get a competitive business advantage with data analytics, through the Marketing Agencies that use our platform.
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