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Europe to lead the way in revolutionary information lighting solutions

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - IVALO (Europe to lead the way in revolutionary information lighting solutions)

Reporting period: 2017-01-01 to 2017-06-30

The Ivalo project is focused on combining innovative nano-materials with advanced manufacturing processes for high volume, high growth informational display and lighting solutions. With the Ivalo concept, 'impermanent' displays or lighting can be created; when the display is 'off' the surface appears mono-form and natural. When the display is 'on' the Ivalo technology provides a decorative or informational dynamic display or lighting element.

Such displays have growing importance for integrated construction surfaces; the advertising industry; and for devices and wearables. With the 'Internet of Things' expected to see more than 30 billion connected devices by 2019, demand will be significant. Our proposition enables near-shoring of at least parts of the industry back to Europe.

Feasibility study objectives were to specifically enable Brightplus to fully evaluate the opportunity for development and deployment. Our target framework included categories for IPR strategy; patent analysis; key customer identification; initial client requirements definition; and business impact.
An important target for SME 1 has been to develop an IPR strategy for Ivalo. At this stage we are confident on our freedom to operate and in our ability to protect our innovations.

For markets, end users are seeking more integration and are not prepared to be integrators themselves. We have focused on uncovering the application areas which show the highest opportunities and to establish partner relationships that can help us to exploit these opportunities in the future. We decided to break things down into three broad sectors of lighting, advertising and display devices (flexible, wearables, IoT).
SME phase 1 has allowed us to investigate the market more thoroughly and to speak with potential key market participants, to better understand the main risks and rewards associated with further commitment. Our basic vision has not changed, but the feasibility study has helped us to formulate a clearer model for concept and approach, with improved business plan where seeking strategic partnerships is a priority.

The unique features of iValo in terms of impact, can be explained as having the potential to deliver a low cost, high volume solution that can be scaled up in area for many surfaces, including curved or flexible surfaces, providing improved brightness with less power and heat for better performance and reliability. This would present exciting new possibilities for design freedom.
Demonstration of ivalo, Light Through Metal