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Universal PlugPlay OEE Data Capture Equipment to improve the efficiency of industrial processes

Periodic Reporting for period 2 - Smart OEE (Universal PlugPlay OEE Data Capture Equipment to improve the efficiency of industrial processes)

Reporting period: 2017-10-01 to 2019-03-31

Sistemas OEE de Productividad Industrial, S.L. has developed some innovative universal equipment for automated Real-Time Data Capture on production lines, called Smart OEE.

The production lines of industrial companies are very heterogeneous, with machines from various brands, models, generations and technologies. Due to this heterogeneity, the bespoke solutions for data capture are very expensive and are difficult to implement. For this reason, the penetration of data capture solutions in companies is very low.

Our Smart OEE are a true breakthrough due to its universal system of connection and for its ability to achieve a connection with the machines in a very brief time.

It is a range of standard products that are easily configurable, which cover the requirements for data capture/collection of almost the totality of the machines on the market.
The main innovations of the Smart OEE system include the following:
- Breakthrough technology at cost level.
- Universal product, connectable to any production process.
- Great connectivity
- Modular and scalable system.

Placing our innovation project on the market will benefit thousands of European SMEs:
- Increasing their productivity: the greatest benefit for SMEs is an economic and quantifiable one.
- Environmental benefits: it avoids waste in many sectors. This waste is particularly relevant to the environment in the food, automotive, machinery and chemical industries.
- Improves the quality of manufactured products.
- It introduces the ICT and the benefits of mobile devices on production lines.
- It facilitates the incorporation of SMEs to the 4.0 industry. The Smart OEE systems can encourage the incorporation of other smart technologies within European SMEs.

The overall objectives of the Smart OEE project are:
- Complete the Smart OEE range of products adding new features and models
- Execution of the IP Protection Strategy
- Development of the new business model
- Preparation for fast international commercial scaling
During the project, Sistemas OEE has completed a number of activities of the work plan, including:
- Improvement of range of Smart OEE devices, investigating and designing a new architecture for the communications system.
- Development of a new low-cost data capture device which works together with the more advanced new devices Smart OEE 4.0
- Development of a Cloud software platform to manage the Smart OEE products.
- Definition and construction of a very versatile back-end
- Development of an eCommerce site
- Recording of Descriptive Product Videos
- Creation of video-infographics for the installation of the Smart OEE
- Recording case studies of clients who have implemented Smart OEE
- Demonstrations and Partnerships for Commercial Scaling
- Developed an intensive communication and dissemination body of work
Industrial enterprises in any sector need to optimize their production lines and monitor productivity losses in real time. The more complex the lines are and the higher the number of machines of different characteristics they are made up of, the greater the difficulty to control the parameters of the production line machines as a whole. It is on these types of lines where the advantages of Smart OEE versus the custom made proposals from competitors are most evident.

The vast majority of solutions for the control and improvement of productivity at manufacturing companies are focused on software and customised data capture projects.

Sistemas OEE goes beyond the concept of software and data capture projects that its competitors offer, to selling a standard universal product.

Until the arrival of the Smart OEE, no company had succeeded in developing an appropriate value proposition around data capture for production lines.

The pilot tests undertaken during the project have shown that the Sistemas OEE’s data capture system offered clients significant advantages in price and implementation time.

Sistemas OEE makes the data capture systems for the improvement of productivity accessible for European SMEs, so these SMEs can incorporate progressively advanced production technologies. Smart OEE will contribute to the competitiveness of the whole EU manufacturing industry, helping the companies' managers to control and decrease their production costs and supplying the information required to take the right decisions about organization and investment in their manufacturing plants. In this sense, the expected impact over the competitiveness of the European SMEs customers will be high.
Smart OEE 4.0 Box - Sistemas OEE